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Office In America virtual office in HoustonCorporate Address
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Office In America Houston virtual office work spaceDedicated Phone Line
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Office In America Houston virtual office work spaceMeeting Facilities


“If it weren’t for Office In America, we would not have gotten the big contract from that important customer.” – Pablo Valle, President of Small Business Connexion

“You and your team have far exceeded my expectation.” – Brite Lee, CEO, ANIX Valve USA

“If they knew what Office In America could provide, they would rush to the doors.” – Russ Johns, Founder, Agency258

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Our goal is to bring possibilities to your business. Office overhead can be very costly and makes it impossible for small businesses to start or even survive. It is our commitment to provide essential business services with economical value and cost affordability.

For an instance, a firm needs a commercial address to conduct business with big companies, government entities and bank institutions. Office In America Co. is able to provide that place of business accompanied with mailbox, mail handling, meeting rooms, working space, dedicated phone line, separate fax line, printing, scanning, security shredding, personal assistant and more.

We also believe that nobody knows it all. Without additional cost to our members, we are making available business consulting services to our extensive offering. Thanks to successful business owners who believe in giving back their time to help other business owners and to ameliorate by means of experience, knowledge and network.

The latest addition to Office In America Co. benefit is accessibility. The less red tapes and limitations there are, the more our customers can grow. Albeit a virtual office in Houston, we are happy to announce that Office In America Co. members can now access over 180 centers nationwide and over 50 countries globally. Wherever you are in the world, you can always rely on Office In America Co. We bring possibilities to your business.

Our services are very flexible without long term commitment or setup fees. Try our monthly services today.