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About Us

We have witnessed the growth of small businesses and startups since two years ago, and we understand the importance of being able to conduct a business without spending thousands of dollars per month in business services.

Office In America Co. makes your business possible with extremely low overhead of having a virtual office including business location, office space, dedicated phone and fax numbers, personal assistant, mail handling, conference room, co-working lounge and more.

Located in Houston, TX, U.S.A., your company is positioned in advantaged international location which opens opportunities to domestic and global business, builds supplier-vendor relations and expands growth in near future.


Bring possibilities to your business.


Provide business solutions to conduct business efficiently by supplying maintenance-free office including corporate address, phone number, fax number, mail handling, coworking spaces, conference rooms and more.



  • Houston’s strong economy was unshaken even during 2008 economic crisis due to the famous hydrocarbon technology, home to oil and gas giants, leading medical center and strategic import export location.
  • Houston is an international city with business friendly environment like the cultural business diversity, vast amount of manufacturing facilities, international cargo airport and its high capacity ship channel.
  • It is also strategically located in the center of the United States to make your travel most convenient whether you fly to West coast, East coast or even to emerging Latin America countries.
  • By having your office in Houston, your business improves immediately because now you are a Multinational Corporation with an Office In America Co.