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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can I benefit from having an address in Houston Texas?

A: Good question! Your business will earn the reputation of having an office operating in Houston, TX, U.S.A. The corporate location influences the correspondence of clients, customers and even suppliers, for now they see your company is a reputable firm.

Q: How can I benefit from having a dedicated Houston TX USA phone number?

A: Firstly, Houston TX USA phone number is well known as the center of industry phone number. Secondly, dedicated phone number listed on your business cards, your employees email signature, corporation websites and firm letter heads is a very powerful thing in the world where economy exponential growth never ends.Thirdly, we handle all your calls whether the voicemails or the live calls; we work for your success.

Q: How trust worthy are we?

A: We have been in business since the inception of summer 2014. You can see testimonies of our customers on Office In America Co. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or We are one big family. Additionally, our server is secured with 256 SSL cryptographic protocols, and our payment is hosted the global payment platform – PayPal. Trustworthiness is everything to us.

Q: Is there caveat, asterisk or hidden terms on your services?

A: We are not a fan of hidden terms. If you still have questions which answer cannot be found on our website, please email us at or  call/text us  at +1.713.893.1400. We’d love to clarify for you.

Q: Can I upgrade my package plan anytime?

A: Absolutely. You can always upgrade your plan whenever you wish, and you only need to pay the difference. All you have to do is let us know and we’ll help you get there.

Q: What area code will my phone and fax numbers have?

A: The area code for your phone number and fax number will be Houston, TX. Why? It really shows that your office is located in Houston, TX and it can receive incoming calls or data from anywhere in the world unlike 1-800 numbers.