Apr 10, 2018

Networking Emails Are Tricky.


Edited: Apr 11, 2018


At the foundation of business, no matter what industry you work in, are people and connections. Introductions and facilitating connections are a core part of the corporate world. We would all be nowhere without our business relationships.

Whether you are on the receiving end or you are the one facilitating a business introduction, there are some very-easy-to-implement guidelines that will make the whole process more effective and more pleasant for all parties.

The Thank-You Response

File this under "things that should be common sense." If you are the recipient of a business intro, think about how you respond to that initial email. Stephanie introduces you to David; if you are like most people, you probably respond with something along the lines of "Thanks, Stephanie, for the introduction. David, nice to connect. Tell me more."

That is OK, but it doesn't do anything for Stephanie or David. Now, imagine if you had responded with something like "Stephanie, appreciate the introduction. David, any friend of Stephanie's is a friend of mine" or "David, if Stephanie says I need to meet you, then I need to meet you" or "David, I have heard wonderful things. Stephanie speaks highly of you."

Think about what that one sentence, which took you 12 seconds to write, does to the entire dynamic of the conversation henceforth.

Stephanie feels great, as you just put her on a pedestal in front of her colleague or friend David. David feels great, as he now feels that you are as interested in talking to him as he is to you.

One simple sentence that changes the whole DNA of the introduction from cold to warm.


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