5 Factors That Effect Your Success Rate as a Business Owner

1. Physical Health

It is imperative you understand the importance of physical health and running your business. Your business depends on your body, with that being said. It is crucial that you keep a healthy and maintained body. Once stress factors into the equation there will be a toll to pay on your body and that will work its way into your business. As Mrs. McClammy states “stress, which is harmful to the engine on which your business runs—your body.”

2. Mental Health

Mental Health is another factor that is affected when not managing ones emotions. There are many problems that could taint your mental health. One of them could be a superior who rather than guiding you and helping you is attacking you. If you are constantly being attacked mentally whether that be depression, heartbreak or anxiety it could be very strenuous when running your business. One must make a change when mentality is being broken down. Surround yourself with positivism and strip your mind from toxicity.

3. Relationships

The form in which you manage your emotions could also have an effect on your relationships. When emotional intelligence is being practiced more efficiently in the workplace it acquires a level of respect for both yourself and a colleague. When you have dominance over your emotions it helps asses your reactions rather than making any haste decisions that could harm a relation.

4. Conflict Resolution

Once mastering your emotional intelligence conflict resolution comes more effortlessly. We must remember when we are dealing with people we are dealing with beings who have emotions, who are sensitive and won’t always agree with you. Once we implement emotional intelligence in our daily routines we will listen, communicate and determine an outcome for both parties. This will increase productivity in interpersonal communications thus expanding your business opportunities.

5. Leadership

Strong leadership also stems from having the knowledge of the importance of emotional intelligence. Having reign over your emotions allows you to be an exemplary leader. People will begin to see your confidence in your leadership role that makes them feel more comfortable with one’s self. Once that comfort level forms with you it will make the flow of communication from you to your relations more smoothly.

Emotional intelligence is a very important element to have control over when managing your business. Emotions control individuals so much and starting with controlling your own emotions is a very big step towards running your business.

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