Can I Use a Virtual Office Address for Government Bidding?

We received a lot of this questions from our customers. Can we use the virtual office address to register to become a bidder with the government?

If you are a business owner and you want to do business with the city, state or even federal government, ask what documents they need from you.

The official office might require a company registration, bank account, utility bill or lease contract.

Most virtual offices like us are tenants to a high rise or a large building. In Texas, tenants by default cannot write a lease contract under an existing lease contract. That would be passing on liability to another entity with a contract which might not reflect the terms and conditions of the landlord. You will not be able to posses this document from a virtual office service.

The same for the utility bill. Electricity, gas and water are handled by the landlord’s building manager. The bill is under their name, and it is not useful for your purpose.

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