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Houston's best virtual office

We bring possibilities
to your business


Our services

Professionalize your business to set you apart from your competition


Corporate Address

Leave a lasting impression on your customers with a corporate business address.


Live Receptionist

Have your own secretary greet clients on the phone and in person.

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Mail Handling

We notify you when your mail arrives and can scan contents to you upon request.


Co-working Space

Use this space for team building events and collaborations.

Take your company to the next level


Cut overhead costs

Ditch renting or buying. You'll only pay about 5% of what it costs to lease an average office space.


Increase customer retention

Build trust through relationships with our staff and your clients


Appear credible 

Maintain a professional image by having a corporate business address listed online.


Enhance client communications

Never miss new leads with a personal receptionist who's always there to represent your company.

Choose a service package

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Basic Package

Get a business address to leave a professional impression on your clients and to use for business licensing.

Classic Package

Have your very own secretary handle your mail and faxes, take calls, greet your customers and more.

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Standard Package

Hold meetings with clients, conduct team building events and more with our conference spaces.

Premium Package

Get your own private office space on the twelfth floor of our high rise building.

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Don't be chained to your office and limit your business potential

​Let us take manage your office, so you can focus on what really matters.