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Our founder started his business venture from his own humble home, so whenever he had a meeting, he would meet with the customer at local cafés and restaurants. He faced the challenges of noisy background, lack of privacy and costly meetings. And then, after paying the $80-$100 bill, the customer usually ask “where is your office located?” It is a question with no good answers: PO Box, at home or don’t have one.

That is exactly how Office In America Co. was born. Our founder created a model where a business owner can meet with their clients in a professional setting including private offices, meeting rooms, live receptionist, mail handling and better yet, it is a place to call "office". The best of it all, the virtual office service costs cheaper than the amount of money to pay for a cup of gourmet coffee or lunch meeting per day.

Inception of Office In America Co. virtual office started in the year of 2014. There are numerous business owners who are taking advantage of this effective-yet-economical service, and we are grateful to be a part of.


Bringing Possibilities To Your Business




Houston obtained the nicknames: H-Town, Bayou City, Clutch City (per the Houston Rockets NBA Team), Space City (by the NASA Space Center) and Hustle Town (there is nothing it doesn't do). 

Houston is the Energy Capital of The World. Home to more than 5,000 energy related companies. Houston is the Medical Center of the world. A compound of 21 hospitals with close to 10,000 beds and annual 1,000,000 worldwide visitors. Houston is in the central location of the USA mainland with great sea, air and land transportation to welcome import and send out export from its strategic placement. Even its time zone is Central time which is only an hour behind New York and two hours ahead of California. 


Houston hosts the most diverse county in the USA where everyone are the same no matter our cultural backgrounds and where we come from. That only means its culinary diversity is as wealthy as its population. There is no place in the USA that offers such wide variety of food. 

Did we mention its biggest Downtown Underground Tunnel in the USA? Did we mention the Theatrical District? The Galveston beach? The Kemah Boardwalk? The largest church in America continent - Lakewood Church? 

Houston is an excellent city to be your next corporate headquarter.

Get Office In America today for your virtual office services. We will handle your mail, calls, meetings, guests and everything your business needs. Call us now at +1(713)893-1400.

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