Our founder started off his business venture from his own humble home, so whenever he had a meeting, he would meet with the customer at local café and restaurants. He faced the challenges of noisy background, lack of privacy and costly meetings. And then, after paying the $80.00 bill, the customer usually ask “where is your office located?” It is a question with no good answers: PO Box, at home or don’t have one.

That is exactly how Office In America Co. was born. Our founder created a model where a business owner can meet with their clients in a professional setting including private offices, meeting rooms, live receptionist, mail handling and better yet, it is a place to call "office". The best of it all, the virtual office service costs cheaper than the amount of money to pay for a cup of gourmet coffee or lunch meeting per day.

Inception of Office In America Co. virtual office started in the year of 2004. There are numerous business owners who are taking advantage of this effective-yet-economical service, and we are grateful to be a part of.


Bringing Possibilities To Your Business