What type of businesses need office space?


Not all businesses require office space as a primary place to conduct operations. You may be in the food service or automotive industry which typically operate on-site at places that directly provide the products or services. 


However, in most cases, there are various departments within a business that do benefit from an office location to keep it up and running. These departments can include management, accounting and consulting, marketing or digital media for the company’s advertising.


Here is a list of top 10 industries that require office space as a primary means of operation.


  • Finance

  • Legal services

  • Media & entertainment

  • Real estate

  • Government 

  • Insurance

  • Healthy & fitness training 

  • Business consulting 

  • Life coaching & therapy

  • Practitioners


What are reasons to use an office space?


Working from home is an ever growing movement, especially among millennials. While there are benefits to working from home such as more personal freedom, there are some things you just can’t get as much as you can with working in-office. 


Using offices allows for overall better communication. You are more accountable for your work as there are less distractions and more incentives. While teleconferencing and virtual meetings can be very efficient ways of meeting, collaborating with coworkers in-person is ultimately the best way to connect. 


Using a physical office will ultimately give you a competitive advantage over competitors who work from home entirely. You will leave your clients with an impression of professionalism when they see a corporate address to a building and when they step into your office. 


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How much does it cost to rent an office in Houston?


On average, it currently costs around $31 per square ft. to rent an office space in Houston, TX. Depending on the size you need for your company, this can be simply unideal. Signing up with a virtual office means dodging those hefty rent rates at an affordable price. It goes beyond providing you with just a space. At Office In America Co. we offer essential services to make your business possible! 

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Why do companies need office space?

Office space allows employees and clients to work efficiently together and serves as a commonplace for ideas and collaboration. It leads to better communication across the board and creates a competitive advantage over companies who do not have a set place to meet with employees.

There is no official rule requiring businesses to use office space. It is up the business owner to decide, but the decision comes down to what you can afford, how beneficial it will be for your team, and how necessary it is to be successful in your industry.