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Are there mail handling services?


  • Office In America Co. offers mail forwarding services. We understand your time is valuable. Instead of driving to the office to pick up your mail, we can forward them to you in suitable packaging, to any address of your choice.


What are mail handling services


  • Mail forwarding is a service that provides you the ease of doing business wherever you are. It allows you to alternatively receive your mail without having to pick it up directly from the office.


  • Mail forwarding services essentially work as a middleman so you can be assured your mail is initially sent to a secure location before it gets sent out elsewhere. Many people choose mail forwarding when they do not have a permanent address or if they travel frequently and need their mail to be sent to other places.


How much do mail handling services cost?


  • We only charge $8.95 per forwarding, the stamp, material and 20% administration fee. Many of our customers take advantage of this convenience on request, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. It is totally up to you! Forget the hassle of keeping up with multiple services to run your business. We offer mail forwarding to provide a one-stop-shop for essential business necessities. 


  • Not only do we notify all of our clients when they receive mail, we send snapshots of what type of mail is received, from who and when. Other virtual offices charge pricey administration fees to do this, but with us it is included in your package.​​

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What do RVers do with their mail?


  • RVers travel the road all the time. A virtual office like Office In America Co. is their ally. We are RVers permanent address for Mail Handling. We check all mail daily. Not only do we notify all of our clients when they receive mail, we send snapshots of what type of mail is received, from who and when. Other virtual offices charge pricey administration fees to do this, but with us it is included in your package.


Will I still need to use paper mail?

  • There are some things that are required only to be sent and received via traditional mail. These include IRS documents, Social Security documents, credit or debit cards, passports, and ID’s like drivers licenses. Jury duty summons are still sent through traditional mail, although the next steps are often offered online. Handwritten letters are also best sent this way.


How do we forward mail?

  • When mail is received to our corporate address, we separate it by name, group it and package all of your contents all in a large envelope to be forwarded out to the address you provide us. You’ll never be confused with having to sort out which mail was forwarded because we group it all with a package that has our company name and logo so it is easy to distinguish.


  • When you choose to have your mail forwarded, it is done by default on a weekly basis unless you request otherwise. Biweekly or monthly are options if you would prefer that. When you sign up with a service package that includes mail forwarding, all you need to provide us with is the address you want your contents forwarded to, and how often you want it to be forwarded.

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What is USPS Media Mail?

  • Media Mail is the most cost efficient way to ship educational materials. If you are in an industry that requires shipping or receiving educational materials like CD's, film, records, learning books or printed test materials, using this USPS service will save you money. For more info for what qualifies as Media Mail, click here.

UPS Mailbox cost

  • A small business mailbox at UPS will cost you $90 minimum for 3 months.

  • At Office In America Co., you can receive our classic package for around this same price and you will get so much more than a mailbox! Our classic package includes a professional business address for you to use, mail handling & forwarding, your own 411 listed business phone number, live reception, phone answering, package handling, private office space, and teleconference number.

  •  A large business mailbox for 3 months costs $120 at UPS. 

What's the purpose of a PO box?​

  • A PO box is a physical address that can be used to receive mail. It's useful for people who want to keep their home address private, or for businesses that want to have a mailing address separate from their physical location. PO boxes can be rented from the post office, and they can be located in different cities or states from where the renter lives or works.

  • This can be helpful for home based businesses that want to avoid giving out their home address, or for businesses that have employees in multiple states or countries. PO boxes are also convenient if you travel frequently and need a reliable way to receive mail while you're on the road.

Is a virtual mailbox better than a PO Box?

  • A virtual mailing service gives you more services than you would with a traditional PO box. With a virtual mailbox at a virtual office, you can have your mail sent to a secure and professional location, where it will be processed and scanned-in for you. You will also be notified via email each time mail has arrived for you. 

  • With a virtual mailbox, you can access your mail contents from anywhere in the world, while a PO box is limited to certain locations. Additionally, a virtual mailbox can be managed online, or by a simple phone call to the provider, whereas you must go to the post office to access your PO box.

Can you register your business with a PO Box address?

  • The vast majority of states do not allow LLCs, corporations, or partnerships to be formed using a PO box. A physical street address is required for a registered company address. We recommend utilizing a virtual address for your registered address and mail if you don't have an office space and don't want to use your home address.

Can I use a virtual mailbox for my LLC?

  • Whether you're a sole proprietor, LLC or a corporation, you have the option of using a virtual mailbox address at a virtual office as your business' legal address. You can receive your regular business mail as well as legal correspondence at your virtual address.

​What is a mail forwarding service?

  • A mail forwarding service is a type of postal service that allows individuals to send and receive mail at a different address than their primary residence. This can be useful for people who move frequently or have multiple residences. Mail forwarding services typically have a network of locations where mail can be sent and received, making it convenient for customers to access their mail from anywhere in the world.

  • At Office In America Co., you can get a mail forwarding service here in Houston, Tx with our Classic Package.