For a live receptionist that can greet your customers, answer your calls, and handle your mail, get classic package for $83.33/month

What Is The Purpose of a Receptionist?

A front desk receptionist normally answers the phone for your company and is the first pathway to direct client communications. Many receptionists sort and file mail and packages, set appointments, and conduct a variety of other duties like emailing and faxing documents.


A receptionist often gives the first impression of a company so it is necessary to have a professional person with a positive attitude fill this role.


Do You Need a Receptionist?

Ultimately it is up to you whether or not you want a reception service. Depending on how your business operates, it may or may not change much for you. However, if you are looking to delegate tasks to someone for answering calls, greeting customers in a positive and professional manner, or handling your mail, a front desk receptionist would indeed benefit you. 


Subsequently, the benefit of having a virtual office live receptionist is that you do not need to have your own physical place to have all of these receptionist services. Whether you are using our office space and would like to have a front desk receptionist greet your clients as they come in to see you, or just simply want a professional phone presence to greet and handle your customers needs, Office In America Co. has over seven years of experience in doing both.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Receptionist?

Using a front desk receptionist can actually reduce your business costs and make you money. Having a person designated to organizing your clients calls allows you to have a worry free communication system. You will not have to worry about spam calls taking up your time allowing you to work more efficiently and you will not have to spend time on things like mail handling. 


A virtual receptionist comes with most of the same features as a physical receptionist but at a fraction of the cost!


Here at Office In America Co., our receptionists are trained to handle your calls in a positive and professional manner, giving your business a great impression to your clients. 


Why Office In America Co.?


Do you have too much on your plate to attend the phone?

Not only can we answer, forward and screen incoming calls, we can also take messages at your discretion if you simply do not want to be bothered at any time. We know that your time is valuable. One thing that sets us apart from either virtual offices is that we attach all voicemail messages to an email and send them directly to you with the 

recipient’s info, as well as the date and time.











Do you get spam calls?

At Office In America Co., one of the primary uses of our reception service is to screen calls so you do not ever have to waste your time picking up spam calls. If you are tired of being interrupted by misleading calls, a reception service may be exactly what you need. Get rid of robocalls for good by signing up!

Who is answering my calls?

Your virtual receptionist is a well-trained, experienced receptionist who helps represent your company.

Do you specialize in a particular type of business?

At Office In America Co., we represent all type of businesses. There is no business we can not provide our services for!