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What is a package service?


  • A package service for a virtual office is a service that allows you to have your parcels sent to an official office address without having to worry about the hassle of the post office. Packages are safely stored and filed by name so they are never lost.


  • You can pick up your packages at your convenience and with virtual offices like Office In America Co., you can even have packages forwarded to other addresses. We notify you via email when you have received a new package and attach the receipts. 


  • Many small business owners simply need an extra hand to organize their company’s deliveries. Some business owners choose to use a P.O. box, but this option has limitations and does not include any administration services, making you spend more time managing your deliveries. 

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What is the difference between mail service and package service?


  • A mail service and package service work very similar to each other. Both services provide an official address for contents to be sent to. We provide email notifications for when your things have arrived and provide the option to forward them out to another address. 


  • At Office In America Co., our mail handling service provides the included service of opening and scanning your letters upon request. We scan, upload and email them to you and then shred the physical contents  after one week.


What is the cheapest way to ship for a small business?


  • The cheapest way to ship parcels is usually with the United States Postal Service (USPS). They are a government operated mail service that don’t have fees as high as privately owned mail companies like UPS and FedEx.


  • When you sign up with our package service, you are given up to 6 cubic feet of box size to be stored at our virtual office. Our package forwarding is an affordable rate of 11.95 per shipping with materials and stamp fees. 


What is the cheapest way to ship a package?


  • USPS usually offers the lowest rate with their priority option. However, other companies start offering better prices than USPS when it comes to shipping packages with next day/overnight mail. This may be something to keep in mind for when you need your packages sent or received.


  • International shipping is also cheaper with USPS, but after a certain amount of weight or sizes, other companies may offer a better rate.

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Can I have something shipped to the post office instead of my house?


  • Some post offices allow you to ship a package to their address and hold it there for pickup if you use their shipping services. However, often times post offices will not allow package holding service if the package is shipped using another provider, so be sure to create a shipping label with the post office you want to ship to.

  • If you want contents shipped to a post office on a regular basis, you could opt for a PO box, or Post Office Box, where you pay monthly to receive mail. This can be a good option for some people, but they can charge extensively based on package size and sometimes mailbox prices are often not worth the money.

  • Virtual offices like Office In America Co. provide package handling and forwarding service so you can have your packages and parcels sent to an established business location or forwarded to wherever you need. You will receive an email notification with a picture attached of what has arrived for you.

Can I receive packages with a virtual mailbox?

  • Some virtual mailboxes don't allow customers to receive packages at all, or they charge hefty fees to store them. This presents a challenge because package delivery is crucial for small business operations.

  • At Office In America Co., you can receive packages with your virtual office package. You will need to provide our address to the sender so they can ship the package to you. Once the package arrives at the facility, you will be notified via email and can go to pick it up. Or, if you'd like to arrange for it to be shipped to your home or office, this can be done through our mail forwarding service.

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