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What is a package service?


  • A package service for a virtual office is a service that allows you to have your parcels sent to an official office address without having to worry about the hassle of the post office. Packages are safely stored and filed by name so they are never lost.


  • You can pick up your packages at your convenience and with virtual offices like Office In America Co., you can even have packages forwarded to other addresses. We notify you via email when you have received a new package and attach the receipts. 


  • Many small business owners simply need an extra hand to organize their company’s deliveries. Some business owners choose to use a P.O. box, but this option has limitations and does not include any administration services, making you spend more time managing your deliveries. 

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What is the difference between mail service and package service?


  • A mail service and package service work very similar to each other. Both services provide an official address for content to be sent to. We provide email notifications for when your things have arrived and provide the option to forward them to another address. 


  • At Office In America Co., our mail handling service provides the included service of opening and scanning your letters upon request. We scan, upload and email them to you and then shred the physical contents after one week.

How does the package handling service work? 

  • Our package handling service is designed to efficiently manage all your incoming packages. When you subscribe to our service, any packages addressed to your business are received and logged in our secure mailroom. Our dedicated team signs for the packages on your behalf, ensuring their safe receipt. You may choose to pick up your packages at your convenience, request us to hold it for you, or ask us to forward them to your residence. Additional administration, materials, and postage fees may apply to accommodate these requests.  


What is the cheapest way to ship for a small business?


  • The cheapest way to ship parcels is usually with the United States Postal Service (USPS). They are a government-operated mail service that doesn’t have fees as high as privately owned mail companies like UPS and FedEx.


  • When you sign up with our package service, you are given up to 6 cubic feet of box size to be stored at our virtual office. Our package forwarding is an affordable rate of 11.95 per shipping with materials and stamp fees. 


What is the cheapest way to ship a package?


  • USPS usually offers the lowest rate with their priority option. However, other companies start offering better prices than USPS when it comes to shipping packages with next-day/overnight mail. This may be something to keep in mind when you need your packages sent or received.


  • International shipping is also cheaper with USPS, but after a certain amount of weight or size, other companies may offer a better rate.

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Can I have something shipped to the post office instead of my house?


  • Some post offices allow you to ship a package to their address and hold it there for pickup if you use their shipping services. However, often times post offices will not allow package holding service if the package is shipped using another provider, so be sure to create a shipping label with the post office you want to ship to.

  • If you want contents shipped to a post office on a regular basis, you could opt for a PO box, or Post Office Box, where you pay monthly to receive mail. This can be a good option for some people, but they can charge extensively based on package size and sometimes mailbox prices are often not worth the money.

  • Virtual offices like Office In America Co. provide package handling and forwarding service so you can have your packages and parcels sent to an established business location or forwarded to wherever you need. You will receive an email notification with a picture attached of what has arrived for you.

Can I receive packages with a virtual mailbox?

  • Some virtual mailboxes don't allow customers to receive packages at all, or they charge hefty fees to store them. This presents a challenge because package delivery is crucial for small business operations.

  • At Office In America Co., you can receive packages with your virtual office package. You will need to provide our address to the sender so they can ship the package to you. Once the package arrives at the facility, you will be notified via email and can go to pick it up. Or, if you'd like to arrange for it to be shipped to your home or office, this can be done through our mail forwarding service.

How secure is the package handling process? 

  • Security is a top priority for us. Our mailroom facilities are equipped with strict security measures to protect your packages. We ensure that all incoming packages are properly logged and handled with utmost care to prevent loss or damage. 

Is my personal information kept private with a package handling service? 

Privacy and data protection is our utmost top priority, ensuring that your personal information is kept confidential. 

Can I sign up for a package handling service without a physical address? 

Yes, some package handling services offer virtual address options, making it possible to receive packages even without a physical location. 

How does the package handling service work? 


Our package handling service is designed to efficiently manage all your incoming packages. When you subscribe to our service, any packages addressed to your business are received and logged in our secure mailroom. Our dedicated team signs for the packages on your behalf, ensuring their safe receipt. You may choose to pick up your packages at your convenience, request us to hold it for you, or ask us to forward it to your residence. Additional administration, materials and postage fees may apply to accommodate these requests.  


Can I choose how my packages are handled? 

Yes, absolutely! We understand that each business has unique preferences. You can customize how you want your packages to be handled. Whether you prefer regular forwarding, on-demand forwarding, or picking up packages at our location, we offer flexible options to suit your needs. USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL and some more carrier frequent our facility to drop off and pick up packages.  


Is there a maximum size or weight limit for packages you can handle? 

Although there is no size or weight limit in the packages we receive, keep in mind that we are not a storage warehouse. We are a business center that receives typical packages that can be carried by a person. As our space is limited, we allow 6 cubic feet per month per customer to ensure your packages are received in good condition and stored properly in our office.  

How should I properly package items for shipping? 

  • Use a sturdy box or envelope that is appropriate for the size and weight of your item. 

  • Wrap delicate items in bubble wrap or other protective material to prevent damage. 

  • Fill any empty space in the package to prevent items from moving around during transit. 

How can I prevent package theft? 

  • Require a signature for delivery, especially for valuable items. 

  • Use package tracking to know when to expect the delivery. 

  • Consider using a package locker or delivering to a secure location if available. 


What's the procedure for returning or forwarding packages from your facility? 

Returning or forwarding packages from our facility is a straightforward process designed for your convenience. To initiate either action, please first get in touch with our dedicated customer service team through our provided communication channels. Once contacted, we'll ask for important details such as the package's tracking number, your contact information, and the reason behind your decision to return or forward the package. Depending on your preference, you can then choose whether you'd like to have the package returned to the sender or forwarded to a new address. It's important to confirm any potential costs associated with these services at this point. After confirming the details, ensure that the package is appropriately prepared and securely packaged, adhering to our packaging guidelines. We will provide you with specific labels that indicate the package's status, whether it's for return or forwarding.  

Following these preparations, kindly deliver the package to our facility as per the instructions we provided.


Once we receive the package, we will conduct a standard inspection to ensure it meets our shipping requirements and is properly documented. For return requests, we'll initiate the return process promptly, and for forwarding, we'll take care of the shipment arrangements to the provided address. Throughout the process, you will have access to tracking updates and notifications, allowing you to stay informed about the progress. Once the package has been successfully returned or forwarded, we'll provide you with confirmation, wrapping up the procedure. For precise guidance tailored to your situation, we recommend reaching out to our responsive customer service team directly.

How long will you store my packages?

For the packages, we can only hold them for 7 days. On the eighth (8th) day you will be charged an additional $10 for each week for 3 weeks only. After 3 weeks, the package will be returned to the sender.

What are the benefits of using a package handling service?

Some benefits include secure package receipt, storage, and forwarding options, improved privacy, access to additional services like package consolidation, and international shipping solutions.  

Are there any package restrictions for using a package handling service?

Yes, certain items may be restricted, such as hazardous materials, illegal substances, and perishable goods. It's essential to review the service provider's terms and conditions for any specific restrictions. 

Why should you consider our package handling service? 


Our service offers numerous advantages, such as secure package receipt, and forwarding choices, enhanced privacy, access to extra features like package consolidation, and the convenience of receiving packages at your designated address (maximum of 6 cubic feet)


Do certain package restrictions apply to the package handling service? 

Yes, there are certain restricted items, including hazardous materials, illegal substances, and perishable goods. 

Is it permissible to utilize a package handling service for international shipments? 


While USPS provides cost-effective international shipping options, for packages exceeding a specific weight or size, alternative companies might offer more competitive rates.

Is it possible to utilize a package handling service for both personal and business packages?  

Yes, package handling services are versatile and can be used for both personal and business purposes. Whether you need to receive online shopping orders or manage inventory for your e-commerce store, these services can accommodate your needs.

Can I use a package handling service for international shipping?

Yes, we offer international shipping options, making it convenient for customers to send and receive packages globally. 

Can I authorize someone else to pick up my packages from the package handling service? 


Yes, you can usually designate authorized individuals to pick up your packages, provided they present proper identification and follow our procedures. 

Is my personal information kept private with a package handling service? 

Privacy and data protection are our utmost top priority, ensuring that your personal information is kept confidential. 


Is it possible to subscribe to the package handling service without a physical address? 


Certainly! We provide an alternative virtual address, enabling you to receive packages even without a physical location. 

What happens if I receive a package or mail that requires immediate attention or a physical signature?


If a package or mail item is delivered to your designated virtual office address and necessitates immediate attention or requires a physical signature, rest assured that our established procedures are in place to effectively manage such scenarios. Our team will take swift action by promptly notifying you of the delivery, usually through the means of email, ensuring that you are promptly made aware of the situation. From there, you can seamlessly communicate with our dedicated staff to explore various options, including personally visiting our facility to retrieve your package, requesting forwarding services to redirect the item to an alternative address of your choice, or authorizing us to act as your designated signatory, ensuring the smooth and secure reception of your important mail or package. Your convenience and peace of mind remain our top priorities in managing these situations.

Can I receive packages from different carriers through a package handling service?


Yes, we accept deliveries from various carriers, including USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL, and others. This allows you to consolidate all your packages in one place.


How do I choose the right package handling service?

When selecting a package handling service, consider factors such as location, security measures, hours of operation, fees, and any additional services offered. Read reviews and check the track record for reliability.


Are there any safety precautions when using a package handling service?

It's essential to follow safety guidelines when using a package handling service. Always provide accurate recipient information, ensure proper packaging of items, and promptly collect packages to avoid overcrowding and storage issues.

Can you explain the process of receiving and notifying customers about the arrival of their parcels?

Receiving parcels and notifying customers of their arrivals require a sequence of steps to perfect the delivery process. Here's a simplified overview of this process:

1. Parcel Receipt: Firstly, when the parcel gets to a distribution center or a local delivery hub it is received by the team of logistics. The parcels are organized, scanned and barcoded with specific numbers. This stage guarantees that each package is appropriately registered and accurately traceable throughout the delivery path.


2. Tracking Information: In a central database, each package’s tracking information is updated. These details include the name of sender, recipient’s address and date when delivery is needed. This data is very important in ensuring that customers are updated on the status of their parcels.


3. Notification Preparation: When the package is sorted and tracked, then system sends notifications to end user that his parcel has arrived. All these notifications can be via emails, SMSs or mobile app messages depending on a customer’s choice of the delivery service.


4. Customer Notification: Customers are informed via notifications of their parcel arriving at the local distribution center. This notification usually includes the parcel’s tracking number, estimated delivery date and pick-up address (if any).


5. Pickup/Delivery Options: Parcel delivery for the customers is given options. They can get it delivered to their doorstep, with a specific delivery time, or have the option of picking up at closest post office or self-service box.


6. Final Delivery: After the delivery preference of a customer is confirmed, the parcel moves to final shipping. As the parcel nears its destination, customers may be provided with further notifications or live tracking updates.


7. Delivery Confirmation: After successful shipping of the parcel, a confirmation note is sent to the customer regarding concluding delivery and any other information like POD or signature confirmation.

This process makes sure that customers are knowledgeable about their parcel status and have alternatives for getting the parcels, thereby improving customer satisfaction on delivery service.

What is the method of securing and storing parcels until customers can pick them up?

In terms of depots and any other postal systems, securing the parcels until the customers can arrive in person to collect these is a very integral part of logistics and delivery that requires serious consideration.

  • Sorting and Labeling: Parcels are then classified according to their size, and delivery location, and also other relevant details. Each package has its own individual tracking number or a barcode for identification purposes.

  • Secure Storage Area: Parcels are kept in a safe and very orderly place. This zone must be restricted, equipped with surveillance cameras and also security personnel to observe the parcels.

  • Environmental Control: The storage area can include environmental controls like temperature and humidity that help to prevent the parcels from being damaged in the case of certain nature.

  • Tracking System: A highly effective tracking system is very necessary for the proficient storage and retrieval. The system registers to the which specific location parcels are stored in the storage space and this helps customers alot to find their packages quickly when they visit.

  • Access Control: The storage area should only be accessible by the authorized persons. Techniques of access control like key cards, biometric scanners and also secure codes are being used for preventing entry.

  • Customer Verification: Customers on the parcel pick up are required to present positive identification and evidence of ownership [tracking number, ID or email confirmation], in order for them to receive the right parcels.

  • Return Policy: A well-defined stated policy for the unidentified parcels or returns with respect to the retention period, is applicable fees and how parcel can be returned to sender is desirable.

Adopting these practices, companies and logistic providers are able to ensure that parcels are kept safe as wells as efficiently until customers pick them up preserving the goods integrity and customer satisfaction.

Are there specific pickup times for parcels, or can I collect them at my convenience?

At Office In America, we always find ways to provide the best in class service and make your parcel collection a delightful experience regardless of when you visit us. You are welcome to collect your parcels at your convenience during our standard office hours, which are from 9:00AM to 5:00PM Monday through Friday, Central Time. Knowing that your time is important to you and we target to facilitate the direness through extended hours, which will allow customers to shopping whenever they are free.

You can rely on our package-storing service to spend quality time with your friends and family without having to worry about your parcels not being secured. Being in charge of the safety of your parcels is our main purpose. Thus, we are doing everything required to secure the package, in order to let you to go with peace of mind believing that your mailing is in good hands.

We are open to serve you anytime during our list-of operation hours, so whether you come after work, during your lunch break, or make a visit later, we're here to help you in a seamless and quick manner. If a special collection is suggested or you simply want to arrange a pickup beyond our normal operating hours, we are more than happy to troubleshoot the matter and accommodate such a request.

We have a solution as Office In America packages respective collection which is facilitated by us saving you the logistics so that you can focus on business issues. Whether in store or online, our mission is to deliver you of the best customer service and to make your every step with us an enjoyable and hassle-free one.

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