How much does a virtual phone number cost?

  • If your primary focus is obtaining a Houston phone number for your business, our Basic Package gives you your own line that includes call forwarding and a physical corporate address for $69.99/month or $58.33/month for 1 year. 

To start using our professional corporate address to a high rise building, choose our Basic Package for $58.33/month

What do Houston phone numbers start with?


  • Houston has four area codes. 713, 281, 832 and 364. The 281 number was created for the expansion of surrounding areas like Sugarland, Katy, Cypress and southeastern areas. 832 came into effect in 1999 as the emergence of cell phones became more prevalent. The newest area code 364 came into effect in 2014, although many people still consider it brand new because it is not a common number to have.  


How does a virtual telephone number work?


  • A virtual phone number does not use a SIM card or physical address. It uses a secure network to connect calls. The primary reason someone chooses to use a virtual number is to separate business calls from personal calls. Having a secondary number to organize your business calls helps tremendously. It can also become a matter of privacy and security when using your personal phone publicly for business matters.​


What is the best virtual phone?


  • There are several good options like Nextiva, Grasshopper, eVoice and Google Voice for virtual numbers, but many of these companies' plans are generic and don’t offer business specific features. If you’re looking for more than just having a virtual number, we have packages that include live receptionist service and more to help your business communications.

To get a live receptionist who handles your mail, greets your customers and answers your calls, choose our Classic Package for $83.33/month

Do I need a phone number for my online business?

  • A phone number makes you look more professional. When customers see that you have a dedicated phone number for your business, it tells them that you’re serious about your enterprise and that you’re invested in providing excellent customer service.


  • A business phone number is an important part of any online presence. Even if you run your business solely online, many customers still like to talk with someone about any questions they may have about a product or service. Virtual numbers are very handy when traveling because you can keep your same number and still receive calls. Ultimately, having a business phone number also leads to more sales. If you don’t have one yet, now is the time to get started!

What is a 411 business listing?

  • It is a directory of numbers for people to find you. Having a 411 listed telephone number for your business is also essential for attaining business credit. Vendors will look if you are listed in the 411 directory, as well as if you have a business address. At Office In America, you will receive a 411 listed number, as well as a Google verified business address so you won't have to worry!

Is a business phone number necessary?

  • It can be difficult to distinguish between customer calls and personal communications if you use your cell phone number for your business. Having a separate business phone number is key for optimal organization. It also ensures that customers will see a caller ID with your business’ name.


  • Using a business number for your business will allow you to deduct your monthly phone bills with the IRS which can save you money.

  • Use a virtual phone number to keep your privacy protected while you conduct business online. You can list this number as your contact information on your website and other online directories without having to worry about your personal safety or privacy. When people call the number, they will be connected with a professional operator who can help them with their inquiry or direct them to the right person at your company.

Should I get a phone number for my business?


  • People connect with businesses through phone calls more than any other way. You want customers to reach out to you with ease by having a listed phone number posted online. 

  • You could do this with your personal phone, but you are displaying your information out for the public eye which puts your privacy at risk. When criminals have access to your personal phone number and name, it makes it easier for them to hack your accounts that store your number for login methods.​

  • Having a separate business and personal phone number ensures that you face minimal inconveniences when communicating with customers. You can change your personal number when you like, without hurting your business.

What is VoIP and how it works?

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a protocol that allows phone calls to be made using an internet connection rather than a local phone company.

  • The process of turning your voice into a digital signal, compressing it, and sending it across the internet is referred to as VoIP. People choose for VoIP because they can make regular phone calls without the use of any telephone service, which saves them money on long-distance fees. You don't need any extra copper wires if you have access to the internet.

  • At Office In America Co., we use secure VoIP numbers that provide you access to calls around the world. There are no limitations on who can reach your business!

Can I get a virtual business phone number?

  • There are a lot of different providers that offer virtual business phone numbers. This is a great option for businesses that want to have a professional phone number but don't want to pay for the cost of having a physical office line. Virtual business phone numbers can be set up to forward to your personal phone or to another number of your choice. You can receive a 411 listed business phone number and live receptionist service for your business by starting with our Classic Package. If you're interested in learning more, click here.