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What is coworking?

  • The phrase "coworking" refers to an arrangement in which various individuals from teams and businesses work together in a single shared location. Many coworking arrangements consist of independent workers or team members who are coming together to collaborate on shared interests or tasks.


What are co-working spaces?


  • Coworking spaces started to surface in the early 2000's as an alternative for workers meeting at coffee shops. They allow you to meet as needed to conduct work with multiple people. These spaces are different from typical meeting spaces as they consist of tables and a room layout designed for multiple people to collaborate and to conduct work as a team. It is essentially a corporate office for numerous people to be together to work towards a common goal. 


Are co-working spaces worth it?


  • Co-working space is definitely worth it. You can arrange events like meetings and team building seminars whenever you’d like. You aren’t paying rent so you can feel less guilty about not using the space when you don’t need to. Co-working spaces do not have to be long term.


  • Signing up with a virtual office gives you access to co-working spaces and will cut down your businesses’ operating costs drastically. Not only is it cost efficient, but the very act of working alongside your team at a place designed to let you do so will give you an overall better competitive advantage.

Who uses co-working spaces?


  • The types of people who benefit from co-working space vary greatly. Anyone who owns a business or works with a team of people will benefit from using the space. Many workers who do not need an office but would like a place to work with their co-workers choose this route.


  • In recent years, it has become more popular to work in various places rather than just a sole office or at home only. There are downsides to being isolated in one place at all times and many cannot do so. This makes co-working spaces efficient for workers who are constantly traveling but need to meet with co-workers on the fly.


  • Co-worker spaces are especially great for freelancers who need to meet with their clients who need to spend some time in person working towards a goal. For many business owners, meeting with clients isn’t an everyday necessity. A lot of the time, meetings and co-working can be done via phone or online. But it is difficult to solely run a business communication digitally, so for those much needed in-person work sessions, co-working space is ideal.


What is the best co-working space in Houston?


  • One of the best working spaces in Houston is Office In America Co. We offer extremely low rates that include everything your small business needs to operate. Working space to rent is a huge commitment and you don't want to be trapped in an expensive long term lease. Not only do you get co-working spaces with us, you get various services like telephone reception, mail handling, personal office space and fax service without the need for a long term contract.

  • Our communal work spaces provide an ideal environment for team collaboration. You will have access to an HDMI compatible LCD TV to showcase videos and presentations.

Why do coworking spaces exist?

  • One of the main reasons is because they offer a sense of community. When you’re working in a coworking space, you’re surrounded by other people who are also working on projects. This can be really helpful, because it gives you the opportunity to exchange ideas and get feedback.

  • Additionally, coworking spaces provide a sense of belonging, which can be really important for people who are working from home. They can also help you stay motivated, because you’ll be surrounded by other people who are also working hard. If you’re looking for a place to work that offers all of these things, then a virtual office with coworking space may be the right choice for you!

​What is the cost of renting coworking space in Houston?

  • To rent a coworking space or Houston shared office space, subscribe to our Premium Package, on a month-to-month basis or for our annual discounted rate.That will give you access to all of our meetings spaces, office space, conference rooms. This package also includes other office services like live telephone reception, and mail handling & forwarding.

Can you use coworking space for a day?


  • Yes, you can absolutely rent coworking space for one day. All you need to do is email us or give us a call with the dates and times you need, and we will create a booking and confirm it with you.

  • We are truly a one-stop-shop at an unbeatable price.  For more info on how you can sign up for co-working space with us, click the Premium Package button below.

What are the benefits of coworking spaces?

  • By using a corworking space, you can increase productivity by working more efficiently in a collaborative environment with your team.

  • Flexibility of your work schedule will improve as you can come into the office for appointments or meetings and leave whenever you please.

  • One of the major benefits of coworking space is the money you save. You will not have to worry about long-term lease agreements and you will also receive a variety of other services when you sign up with a package that includes coworking space.





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