What is a teleconference call?


A teleconference call is when multiple participants are connected to the same phone line to meet together. It is essentially a virtual room to hold meetings without the need for the internet. It is a great way to discuss things with your team without having to be physically present. 


With your own teleconference number here at Office In America Co., you are given 30 minutes per month that includes the ability to connect with international numbers. All conference calls have a dial-in participant code and a host code for security purposes. 


What are the benefits of a teleconference number?


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in the number of businesses utilizing teleconferences to have meetings. During lockdown, working from home was the only option for many people so getting accustomed to virtual meetings became a part of the routine. Fast forward to today, many companies are continuing to hold meetings virtually because of how efficient and time-saving it can be. Participants don’t even need internet access and have the ability to meet hands free or on the road with ease.


Here are just a few benefits of having a teleconference number.


  • Time efficient

  • International connectivity 

  • Increases opportunities for meetings

  • Doesn’t require internet connection

  • Schedule friendly 

  • Participants can use their own phone number without needing to sign up for a third party virtual meeting service


How do I connect to a teleconference call?


To join a dial-in conference call, all you need to do is simply dial the number of the teleconference number and then enter the participant code given to you by the host, and you will be connected. Depending on the time you join, you may be prompted with a brief hold before the conference begins by the host. 


Is a conference call a video call?


A general conference call can be a video call, but it does not have to be. There are many apps and services that offer both video and audio-only calls. However, a teleconference call uses a phone line to connect users so there is no video capability and no internet being used. Depending on what you need out of a meeting service, video conferencing may not always be necessary. Teleconferencing gives you the ability to connect with people without the need for a camera or even internet connection since it uses phone service. This may be ideal to get in contact when you are on the run and do not have access to a desk or camera with good lighting.

How much do Zoom calls cost?


Zoom has become a highly popular platform to host video conferences. Many universities and businesses used it during the pandemic. It is a free service but will charge you for calls lasting longer than 40 minutes and calls with over 100 participants. As of 2021, Zoom’s entry plan is $14.99/month. This gives you 24 hours a month of call time with under 100 participants. 


Many businesses are now able to meet with more people than their conference rooms allowed for in the past. With any form of virtual conferencing, you are able to reach more people more efficiently.