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Corona virus hits the world universally starting in January 2020. It is a pandemic that can only be stopped by reducing its hosts from spreading them place to place.

This proactive approach is taking measure as there is no cure yet for the phenomenon. It is to minimize inter-country human migration, so virus does not spread to new countries. That measure however was not sufficient that quarantine needed to take a more serious measure through the local level. As such, large meetups such as landmarks, house of worships and schools are closed.

Unfortunately, income streams are heavily affected by this virus mitigation. Consumers, customers, businesses and employees are all experiencing the economic downturn. Coupled with oil-gas price war, the world economy is devastated as well.

This corona virus is hitting the world like one monstrous tornado - CoroNado.

Enough with the explanation. Let's explore the positive side.

Though the tangibles might be gone, it is all to save our souls.

  • Be cognizant of being clean. Do not touch anything unclean. If in doubt, wash hands or sanitize thoroughly per CDC's recommendation.

  • Keep a safe distant of six feet from others.

  • Do not touch face as it is virus point of entry.

  • Eat healthy and adequately.

  • Sleep properly to allow body get enough rest.

Work wise. There are a lot can be done remotely. Opportunely, today's world is ready for remote works.

  • Use computer, tablet, smartphones to work when away from the office.

  • Arrange teleconference or video conference to keep team and customer spirit up.

  • Away from office does not mean away from work. Sometimes less distraction means more productivity.

  • If you are a business owner, boost your online presence. Allow customer to browse your product online, and possibly buy your products from the internet.

Office In America Co. is committed to support your business remotely as a virtual office provider. We only close the physical office usage until it is allowed again by the officials, but our office is still open to answer your business phone numbers, and manage your mail via notification and scanning services.

You are not alone. We are in this together.

We received many of this questions throughout the years. Can I get Google My Business code using a virtual office service?

What if I reside on a different city, state or even country? I cannot physically stop by and pick up the mail.

The answer really depends on the virtual office facility itself. We have helped customers get the code from Google via mail. Some facilities would allow you. Some facilities will not. Some do not even accept mails depending on the service that you choose.

With Office In America Co., as long as you have the Mail Handling service, we can receive the Google My Business confirmation mail, open it and scan it over to you with a caveat.

The only caveat is to wait for your account to be more than 30 days old. Why? Many companies are legitimate, but unfortunately some companies are scammers. They verify their business via mailed code from Google, Yelp, Bing or whoever, so their business appear established on search engine website and map.

Little do victimized costumers know, the business has left the virtual company as soon as the verification code is received.

Office In America Co. has catered to support businesses since 2014. We are here to bring possibilities to your business by offering world class professionalism while keep overhead cost low. Our price is the lowest in town. Guaranteed or we’ll beat it by 10%. Visit our main page to see how we can help your business.

We received a lot of this questions from our customers. Can we use the virtual office address to register to become a bidder with the government?

If you are a business owner and you want to do business with the city, state or even federal government, ask what documents they need from you.

The official office might require a company registration, bank account, utility bill or lease contract.

Most virtual offices like us are tenants to a high rise or a large building. In Texas, tenants by default cannot write a lease contract under an existing lease contract. That would be passing on liability to another entity with a contract which might not reflect the terms and conditions of the landlord. You will not be able to posses this document from a virtual office service.

The same for the utility bill. Electricity, gas and water are handled by the landlord’s building manager. The bill is under their name, and it is not useful for your purpose.

Office In America Co. believes in transparency. Our goal is to bring possibilities to your business. We believe that all businesses start somewhere, and by having a virtual office, your overhead cost can be kept minimum while capital money can be focalized for revenue growth.

Visit our main page at OfficeInAmerica.com to learn more. We are the lowest price in town, we’ll beat by 10%.