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Our virtual office services were formed with entrepreneurs like you in mind. 

Our motto is to bring possibilities to your business. 

When we provide a Phone Answering service for you, we filter out the spam calls so you don't have to waste your valuable time. Our competitors do not do this.  

When we do Mail Handling service on your letters, we do not just send you a notification that you receive some mail, but we also send you a snapshot of your mail so you know what kind of mail you have received. Our competitors do not do this. At least not without an extra charge.  

Below are the listing of our services and the comparisons of what the competitors do.

Corporate Address and Live Receptionist


Most virtual office services do not own the facility. They are mainly marketing companies that act similar to Airbnb. They outsource the services to a facility like us.


  • We own the facility where we operate. We have full control of your business services. There will never be an apology to say that the center abruptly closes. 

  • As we come to work everyday, there is always live receptionist sitting at the front desk to greet your guests whether they are prospects, clients, bankers or officials. 

  • Our address is not a P.O. Box because we are an actual business center with workers and customers like you coming to the office everyday. 


We are a true virtual office based in Houston operating since 2014. We are proud to serve clients like you from all over the city, United States and the globe. Our customers love what we do, and we are glad to be a part of their success. 

Phone number and Phone Answering


Mostly, they answer the phone and direct the calls to you. 


  • We have actual employees in the office. As a matter of fact, we do not have employees working remotely to answer your calls.

  • We greet the phone call under your company's name.

  • We forward the call to you however, if your customer calls again, we would take a message with their name, phone number, email address and send you a notification via email.

  • If your customer leaves a voicemail, we will forward that voicemail to you over an email; that way, you can get to it whenever is convenient for you. 

  • If you receive a spam call like robocall, that number will be forever blocked from the system, so you will never get that  disturbing call again. 


All is made easy for you. 

Comparison: ​

Our business center receptionists makes sure that every single one of your visitor gets the impression that your company cares. First impression is everything. 

Mail Handling


The standard Mail Handling service only gives you notification that you receive mail. You cannot see what kind of mail you receive. You need to drive to the center to get your mail.


  • We send you the snapshots of the mail, so you know whether you receive a letter, a postcard, a brochure or a package. 

  • Your Mail handling also comes with the convenience of you seeing the content of the envelope. Yes, we can open the mail upon your request, scan and email them over to you. RV-ers love this feature as they are always on the road. 

  • When you decide you no longer need the hard copy of the mail, we can sherd the mail for privacy and security. 

  • If you live in a different city, state or country like some of our customers, we offer Mail Forwarding service to your residence (with some fees) or anywhere in the world in case you are traveling or on vacation.


We provide all these options with no extra charge (except Mail Forwarding which requires stamps and materials). ​


Only Office In America offers complete Mail Handling service where you can receive your mail and see the content too. There is no need to leave the comfort of your home because we are here to fully serve you. A notable virtual office company (not to mention any name) charges a separate administration fee if you need to see what kind of mail you receive, scan the mail and shred the mail.

Meeting Facilities


Their packages focus only on business address and mail service. Other than Regus, most of them do not own a physical facility. 


Office In America Co. virtual office keeps our focus to bring solutions for the needs of our customers. We own our facility, and we believe no one can conduct business properly without being able to sit down in an actual facility. 

  • With Standard package, your frugal service comes with 8 hours per month of Conference Room use. 

  • With Premium package, your monthly service comes with 8 hours of Conference Room, 8 hours of Private Office and 8 hours of Coworking Space; total of 24 hours per month which you can combine and use for any facility you choose. 

  • No extra charge for internet/Wi-Fi connection. 

  • No extra charge to use the LCD projector or TV.

  • No extra charge to help setup the room.

  • No extra charge to bring your own catering.


Aside from us, virtual offices do not have meeting facility for your use, or if they do, they charge a lot more than what you pay Office In America Co.


Bringing Possibilities To Your Business



We open our doors everyday to serve people like you. We make you feel like home. We impress your customers with our services. We are here to do the mundane activities, so you can focus on what is important to your business. 

Our customers are our family. We would go above and beyond to make sure all their needs are fulfilled.

Come visit us for a tour. You'll love it.

Call us now at +1(713)893-1400.

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