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Do you have too much on your plate to attend the phone?

  • ​Not only can we answer, forward and screen incoming calls, we can also take messages at your discretion if you simply do not want to be bothered at any time. We know that your time is valuable. One thing that sets us apart from either virtual offices is that we attach all voicemail messages to an email and send them directly to you with the recipient’s info, as well as the date and time.

How much does answering service cost? 

  • With Office In America Co., the answering service is already included with the packages without extra cost to you. Our goal is to answer your calls while you are away from the office, in a meeting or out on business travel. 

How much does a virtual receptionist cost? 

  • All of our packages include a virtual receptionist to greet your guests, answer your phone calls, handle your mail, manage your packages and your offices. See Live Receptionist to learn more.

How do receptionists handle calls?

  • Receptionists are responsible for handling all incoming calls for a business. They need to be able to handle a variety of different callers, from customers who need help with a product, to angry callers who are upset about a service issue.

  • All calls must be handled in a polite and professional manner. They also need to be efficient when handling calls. This means being able to navigate through different menus and systems, as well as being able to input information correctly into the system.

  • Our receptionists at Office In America Co. are trained to provide excellent assistance to your clients and customers. You can rest assured your calls and walk-ins are in the hands of professionals.

How do you buy an answering service? 

  • Choose from one of our packages: the Classic Package, the Standard Package or the Premium Package. All of these packages include phone answering for your business that will set you free from telephone tasks and allow you to focus more on your main business. 

How does telephone help in business communication?

  • Telephone help in business communication by providing a more personal and immediate connection between the client and business as compared to email communication. Email communication can be easily misinterpreted because of the lack of tone and other body language cues, which can lead to misunderstandings.

  • With telephone help, these misunderstandings are minimized as both parties can interact in real-time. This helps to build trust and rapport between the client and the sales representative, fostering a better business relationship.


Does your business get a lot of spam calls?

  • ​At Office In America Co., one of the primary uses of our reception service is to screen calls so you do not ever have to waste your time picking up spam calls. If you are tired of being interrupted by misleading calls and spam calls, our reception service is exactly what you need. Get rid of robocalls for good by signing up!

Who is answering my calls?

  • Your secretary on site (also known as the live receptionist) is well-trained and experienced professional who helps represent your company. We will either direct them to your phone line or take a message if you are not available. That message will be emailed to you immediately in a timely fashion. If the guest leaves a voicemail, we will also email the voicemail to you as an attached audio file. 

Do you specialize in a particular type of business?

  • At Office In America Co., we represent all type of legitimate businesses listed under the state of Texas. We do not, however, support businesses in the adult, drugs and fraud-alike industries. Many of our customers are in legal, real estate, beauty, entertainment and educational fields. 

To get a live receptionist who handles your mail, greets your customers and answers your calls, choose our Classic Package for $83.33/month

Are answering services worth it?

  • Depending on your business, this service may be able to increase your revenue significantly. Missed calls are inevitable if you use a personal phone for your business. With an answering service, your customers will always be greeted with kindness and assisted during business hours.

  • At Office In America CO., we notify you of missed calls and voicemails received during closed hours so you'll always be on top of your incoming communication.

How does a call answering service work?

  • When you sign up for a call answering service, you will be given a phone number that your customers can call. This number is forwarded to the service's office, where a receptionist will answer your calls.

  • The receptionist will take a message from the caller and will then email or text you the message. This allows you to stay on top of your communication even when you're unable to answer the phone yourself.

  • At Office In America CO., we understand the importance of excellent customer service. That's why we offer a call answering service that will take care of your customers for you. When you sign up for our service, you will be given a phone number that your customers can call. This number is forwarded to our office, where a receptionist will answer your calls.​

  • In addition, we also notify you of voicemails and send them to you as an audio attachment via email. This allows you to listen to and have your voicemails on file.

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