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Do you have too much on your plate to attend the phone?

  • ​Not only can we answer, forward and screen incoming calls, we can also take messages at your discretion if you simply do not want to be bothered at any time. We know that your time is valuable. One thing that sets us apart from either virtual offices is that we attach all voicemail messages to an email and send them directly to you with the recipient’s info, as well as the date and time.

How much does answering service cost? 

  • With Office In America Co., the answering service is already included with the packages without extra cost to you. Our goal is to answer your calls while you are away from the office, in a meeting or out on business travel. 

How much does a virtual receptionist cost? 

  • All of our packages include a virtual receptionist to greet your guests, answer your phone calls, handle your mail, manage your packages and your offices. See Live Receptionist to learn more.

How do receptionists handle calls?

  • Receptionists are responsible for handling all incoming calls for a business. They need to be able to handle a variety of different callers, from customers who need help with a product, to angry callers who are upset about a service issue.

  • All calls must be handled in a polite and professional manner. They also need to be efficient when handling calls. This means being able to navigate through different menus and systems, as well as being able to input information correctly into the system.

  • Our receptionists at Office In America Co. are trained to provide excellent assistance to your clients and customers. You can rest assured your calls and walk-ins are in the hands of professionals.

How do you buy an answering service? 

  • Choose from one of our packages: the Classic Package, the Standard Package or the Premium Package. All of these packages include phone answering for your business that will set you free from telephone tasks and allow you to focus more on your main business. 

How does telephone help in business communication?

  • Telephone help in business communication by providing a more personal and immediate connection between the client and business as compared to email communication. Email communication can be easily misinterpreted because of the lack of tone and other body language cues, which can lead to misunderstandings.

  • With telephone help, these misunderstandings are minimized as both parties can interact in real-time. This helps to build trust and rapport between the client and the sales representative, fostering a better business relationship.


Does your business get a lot of spam calls?

  • ​At Office In America Co., one of the primary uses of our reception service is to screen calls so you do not ever have to waste your time picking up spam calls. If you are tired of being interrupted by misleading calls and spam calls, our reception service is exactly what you need. Get rid of robocalls for good by signing up!

Who is answering my calls?

  • Your secretary on site (also known as the live receptionist) is well-trained and experienced professional who helps represent your company. We will either direct them to your phone line or take a message if you are not available. That message will be emailed to you immediately in a timely fashion. If the guest leaves a voicemail, we will also email the voicemail to you as an attached audio file. 

To get a live receptionist who handles your mail, greets your customers and answers your calls, choose our Classic Package for $83.33/month

Are answering services worth it?

  • Depending on your business, this service may be able to increase your revenue significantly. Missed calls are inevitable if you use a personal phone for your business. With an answering service, your customers will always be greeted with kindness and assisted during business hours.

  • At Office In America CO., we notify you of missed calls and voicemails received during closed hours so you'll always be on top of your incoming communication.

How does a call answering service work?

  • When you sign up for a call answering service, you will be given a phone number that your customers can call. This number is forwarded to the service's office, where a receptionist will answer your calls.

  • The receptionist will take a message from the caller and will then email or text you the message. This allows you to stay on top of your communication even when you're unable to answer the phone yourself.

  • At Office In America CO., we understand the importance of excellent customer service. That's why we offer a call answering service that will take care of your customers for you. When you sign up for our service, you will be given a phone number that your customers can call. This number is forwarded to our office, where a receptionist will answer your calls.​

  • In addition, we also notify you of voicemails and send them to you as an audio attachment via email. This allows you to listen to and have your voicemails on file.

What is the importance of answering phone business?


  • Picking up the phone quickly signifies that you respect your customer's time. Exert professionalism to your customers: Callers expect you to answer the phone quickly and not being able to do so can lead customers to think your office is chaotic.


What businesses use an answering service?


  • For industries such as healthcare, home service contractors, and some transportation companies, this service is critical for customers that may have urgent needs. Answering service receptionists are trained to know which calls are urgent and how to direct them to the right on-call staff member.


What are two reasons why your telephone answering style is important?


  • Telephone etiquette builds the trust of your potential customers. It makes them loyal to you and purchases the products and services from you frequently. If the customer is satisfied with the Telephone conversation, they are sure that their needs and requirements will be satisfied in-person also.


What are the benefits of an answering service?

  • Capture every opportunity. Partnering with a telephone answering service means you'll never miss a call

  • Increase productivity

  • 24/7 customer service

  • Reduce business overheads

  • Give the right impression


What is the role of answering service?


  • When you use an answering service, you're paying for someone else to represent your business over the phone, greet callers on your behalf, and attend to those callers' needs or all of the above, along with anything else you can imagine an agent can do over the phone.


What is the importance of communication in business and customer?


  • Effective communication is essential for managing relationships with your staff, customers and stakeholders. Poor communication can ruin relationships, and potentially result in lost sales and a damaged reputation.


What are the benefits of a virtual receptionist?


  • There are significant advantages to installing virtual receptionist software. Virtual receptionists can address basic customer service issues, freeing time for human operators to focus on more complex tasks. This reduces wait times for customers and the workload for call center staff.


What are the benefits of virtual customer service?

  • The agents use technology to communicate with customers, including phone, email, chat, and social media. Virtual call centers are becoming more popular as they offer many benefits to businesses, including cost savings, flexibility, and the ability to access a larger talent pool

What is the importance of answering phone business? 

  • Picking up the phone quickly signifies that you respect your customer's time. Exert professionalism to your customers: Callers expect you to answer the phone quickly and not being able to do so can lead customers to get discouraged. 

How are messages delivered to clients? 

  • Calls can be connected to you directly or we can take the message on your behalf. Messages will be emailed to you instantly. If the caller leaves a voicemail, we will also email the voicemail to you as an attached audio file. 

Is a phone answering service available 24/7? 

  • No, it's not, when there are incoming phone calls during office hours, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central time. We will answer the phone on your behalf. Your personal assistant will greet the caller professionally with your business name mentioned first. At Office In America Co., we notify you of missed calls and voicemails received during closing hours, so you'll always be on top of your incoming communication.

What are the benefits of a phone answering service? 

  • Capture every opportunity. Partnering with Office In America Co. answering service means you'll never miss a call 

  • Increase productivity 

  • Reduce business overheads 

  • Appear professional to your customers 

  • Secretary to answer your dedicated phone number (30 minutes) 

  • Screen and connect incoming phone calls 

  • Inscribe and forward directly to your email box 


What is the role of a receptionist?


  • When you use an answering service, you're paying for someone else to represent your business over the phone, greet callers on your behalf, and attend to those callers' needs along with anything else you can imagine an agent can do over the phone. 


What is the importance of communication in business and customer?


  • Effective communication is essential for managing relationships with your customers. Poor communication can ruin relationships, and potentially result in lost sales and a damaged reputation. 


What happens if i go over my minutes for my phone answering services? 

  • If you exceed the allocated minutes for your phone answering service, several potential outcomes may arise, depending on the policies of your service provider. Commonly, you could face excess usage charges, where you're billed for every minute beyond your designated limit, potentially leading to an unexpectedly higher bill. In certain cases, your provider might automatically upgrade your plan to one with more minutes or additional features to accommodate your increased usage, resulting in a raised monthly cost. Alternatively, your service quality could be diminished, as consistent overages might prompt your provider to lower call quality, restrict features, or even result in dropped calls.

  • To mitigate these situations, many providers issue notifications, or warnings as you approach your usage limit or surpass it. Staying vigilant in monitoring your usage, particularly towards the end of your billing cycle, can be beneficial. Options to consider include upgrading your plan for more suitable minutes or exploring alternative communication methods like texting or internet-based calling during periods of elevated usage. Regularly reviewing your bills is advisable to identify any unexpected charges promptly. To best navigate these circumstances, a clear understanding of your service provider's terms and conditions is vital. If uncertainties persist, contacting customer support can provide clarity on how excess minutes are handled and the associated implications. 

What steps do you take to gather feedback from callers about their experience with our phone answering service? 

  • Proactively gathering feedback from callers about their experience with your phone answering service is crucial for improving the quality of your service and ensuring customer satisfaction. This feedback helps you identify pain points, strengths, and areas for growth in your phone answering service. By demonstrating that you value customer input and take action to enhance their experience, you can build stronger relationships and improve the overall quality of your service. Some steps you can take to achieve this is incorporating post-call surveys, utilize SMS surveys, adding real time feedback, social media channels, feedback hotline, and a feedback landing page. 

What options are available for callers who prefer self-service or digital channels? How does the phone answering service integrate with other customer support channels? 

  • Office In America's comprehensive approach encompasses an interactive website equipped with live chat capabilities, a reliable email support system, and an engaged presence on prominent social media platforms. This array of options underscores our dedication to catering to the diverse communication preferences of our esteemed clientele, showcasing our unwavering commitment to a modern, efficient, and client-centered service experience. 

  • For individuals who lean towards self-service and favor digital communication avenues, Office In America offers a range of convenient and contemporary options. In response to the evolving landscape of customer preferences, we have curated a selection of channels that resonate with the modern business landscape. 

  • Our website serves as a hub of connectivity, featuring an interactive live chat functionality that facilitates real-time conversations with our proficient personnel. This platform not only expedites query resolution but also infuses digital interaction with a personalized touch, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience. 


  • For those inclined towards traditional correspondence, our email support system provides a reliable conduit for comprehensive communication. Our adept team is committed to delivering swift and insightful responses, adeptly addressing inquiries and concerns with precision. 

  • Recognizing the significant role of social media platforms as contemporary communication avenues, Office In America maintains an active presence across various channels. This proactive engagement empowers clients to initiate contact, share feedback, or seek assistance in a manner that aligns with their digital preferences. 

Can you handle calls in multiple languages?

At Office In America, we are currently equipped to assist individuals with communication needs in both English and Spanish. If language barriers pose any challenges for you, we recommend reaching out to us via email. This method guarantees a more streamlined and efficient interaction, as our goal is to offer a customized experience that caters to your unique requirements. We highly value your communication needs and are dedicated to addressing them with the utmost professionalism and precision.

For phone calls, we support English and Spanish exclusively, while text messages via WhatsApp are available in both English and Spanish. However, through email, we can accommodate communication in any language.

To get a live receptionist who handles your mail, greets your customers and answers your calls, choose our Classic Package for $83.33/month

Who can benefit from a phone answering service?

Phone answering services are valuable for a wide range of individuals and businesses, including:

  • Small businesses without a dedicated receptionist.

  • Medical practices, law firms, and other professional services.

  • E-commerce businesses need order processing and customer support.

  • Businesses aim to improve their customer service and response times.


How can a phone answering service help my business?

Business Development: Perhaps the most overlooked value of a phone answering service is its ability to help small businesses grow. The first factor in this is the fact that a call to your business will never be missed. When prospects have a problem, they will often call a business by phone to solve their problem. If that business does not answer their call, or they are forwarded to an automated system, the prospect is likely to move on to a competitor.

In fact, 80 percent of all business goes to the 20 percent of businesses who meet expectations on the first point of contact. With a phone answering service, you can be sure that each and every prospect is met with a professional and reliable live receptionist.

The second factor in fostering business development is that our receptionists are a true extension of your business. Familiarity with your business helps build relationships with clients and prospects, boosting customer satisfaction and even increasing sales.

Flexibility: A phone answering service offers flexibility in a couple of different ways. First, our services are customized for your budget and business needs. If your full-time receptionist is unavailable, you’re able to utilize our services on-demand and for as long as needed. Our live receptionist is available for full-time use – answering every call that comes into your business.

Second, a phone answering service gives business owners the flexibility to tackle other initiatives. As a small business grows, business owners can find themselves tied up fulfilling multiple roles. Our phone answering service takes administrative duties off of the owner’s plate, allowing them to focus on providing quality service for clients and strategizing for business growth.    

Cost Savings: One of the most concrete benefits of a call answering service is the cost savings. Office In America’s phone answering service include all the services of a full-time receptionist at a fraction of the cost. For small businesses with limited resources, the cost savings can go a long way in developing their services.

Why do we need phone numbers? 

Phone numbers are integral to our daily lives, serving as the primary means of communication between individuals and businesses, ensuring accessibility for personal and professional connections, and enabling quick access to vital emergency services. They play a pivotal role in global connectivity, enabling international communication, and are essential for establishing personal and professional identities on documents, resumes, and business cards. Furthermore, phone numbers facilitate efficient appointment scheduling, enhance customer service experiences, and support social and professional networking, allowing individuals to expand their connections and maintain relationships. 

At Office In America, we provide top-notch phone number services with dedicated Houston numbers that elevate your company's prestige on all marketing materials. Unlike 1-800 numbers, our service allows you to maintain the privacy of personal phones while managing separate personal and business calls, ensuring a professional identity for your business. 


What are the benefits of using phones to communicate? 

Phones offer instant and versatile communication, allowing individuals to connect instantly via voice calls, text messages, and video calls. They facilitate global connectivity, breaking down geographical barriers, and serve as essential tools for both personal and business communication. Additionally, phones provide the convenience of on-the-go communication, documentation of important conversations, and a lifeline for emergencies, making them indispensable in today's interconnected world. 

Office In America offers comprehensive phone answering services, including a dedicated secretary who answers calls for up to 30 minutes, screens and connects incoming calls, and takes messages. Additionally, we provide message transcription and forwarding directly to your email inbox, ensuring efficient communication management and accessibility to important information for your business. This professional phone support enhances your company's image and responsiveness.

How do you relay messages to me via email when clients call in and leave a message?

Services where services send emails on your behalf after clients call in and request to leave messages are often a blend of telecommunications devices as well as email systems.

  • Client Leaves a Message: A client dials the number of a service or organization and leaves a message in response to its not being answered by anybody.

  • Message Recording: The client’s message is usually recorded by the provider of services in terms of an audio file within a telephone system.

  • Email Notification: Once the message is either recorded and/or transcribed, an email notification system of this service becomes activated. The system is often automatic and works within the framework of the telephony infrastructure.

  • Message Details and Sender Information: The general email notification provides most important client information, like name of the client person with phone number date and time to call back including message contents.

  • Email Delivery: The email would be sent to an email address you specify and which may be either a company account or your personal one. One of the most important aspects is to make sure that recipient(s) are notified via email.

  • Email Client Access: Given that you access your email client whether it’s a web-based application stemming from Gmail, Outlook, or a desktop email application.

  • Response and Follow-Up: Receiving the email notification, you can respond to it getting in touch with a client; replying writing an e-mail or passing over this message on relevant team member for follow up.

The service needs a stable and protected email platform to ensure that clients cope receive their messages in the right way, at just time. Moreover, there may be some technical setup and configuration costs to integrate voicemail and email systems such that the whole process is streamlined effectively.'

Can I customize the script used by receptionists when answering calls?

Absolutely! Office In America Co. understands the significance of the consistent brand image and give a fine treatment to the callers. Therefore, we make available this option to you that you can choose to use a custom script for the greeting made by our receptionists as they handle your incoming calls. Basically, this function enables you to adjust the phone service answering to match your business language, tuning, and interest. Either your favorite greeting, a unique information to be conveyed, or a certain communication style, your receptionists will address it just as you wish.

Tailored to Your Business: We will be standing ready to do whatever it takes to make sure that each encounter speaks to your company’s values and professional rigor. Take a breath of relief and note that our receptionists are extensively trained to offer top notch aids to your clients and customers responding to all their queries with a cordial and unique version for every call. When dealing with Office In America Co., you can rest assured that any phone inquiry and walk-in visit is handled by competent personnel who are focused on your business' welfare.

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