• Do I need a fax number for my business?

Utilizing a fax number is important for many reasons. First, It’s not recommended to send highly sensitive documents via email. Information like legal or medical files are best to not have sitting around in your inbox. By faxing a document, it is a one time transaction. Every time something is faxed to a fax machine, it is written over by the next fax so they are not stored for better privacy and security. 


Second, faxes are a scanned, physical copy of your document so there is a less likely chance of your information getting lost by accidental deletion or disconnection from a server. It is a sure way to keep track of high priority information.


Lastly, fax machines and scanners are a much easier way to send things that require signatures. Many computer programs offer automated signatures to fill in, but these are not always straightforward to customers and having a physical signature is more accurate for verifying who it was signed by.


Never mind buying your own expensive and bulky fax machine or constantly paying to use one. Use our fax services to take the load off of your desk!

• How do fax machines work?

To send a fax, you first need to scan your paper on the scanner part of the fax machine. Once complete, you are ready to dial the recipients fax number. When you send it off, tiny grid-like squares are put into a sequence, like a code, to be read by the other fax machine. The squares are then translated into audible beeps that determine whether the squares are black or white in order to print out the scanned image.


Fax is a secure way to send your files that doesn’t require you to use a traditional broadband internet connection to send info. There is less of a chance that your info will be at risk for security breaches and possible hackers. All you need is a landline phone number. 


Here at Office In America Co., we make faxing very easy for you. When we receive a fax from your customer, we forward the fax to you via email immediately. When you have a file for us to fax, we send it on your behalf, and give you a receipt upon successful transmission.

• Can I fax from my cell phone?

There are some apps which allow you to fax documents from your cell phone, but you will not find an app that lets you send or receive an unlimited number of faxes free of cost.


Another problem with using a third party app is privacy and security. A major reason to have something faxed in the first place is to send information securely. By using an app, you are risking your data being seen by app developers and others. 


With Office In America Co., you have a receptionist working for you. No need to inconvenience yourself with figuring out how to fax a file. Give us the file and we do the rest for you.