Why Having an Office Address Helps Your Business Succeed (3 Reasons Why)

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

Many thinks that an office address is not necessary to have because they are never in the office. They are always out looking for networks, sales and opportunities. That is a valid argument, but that is not how clients, banks and the government feel about it. Here is why having an office address is not an option.

1. Good for Government Records

When you start a company, you will need to file your business registration with the state’s office. It will ask essential information such as chosen corporation name, owner name, business address and business phone number. If you are unprepared, you most likely will write down your home address and mobile phone number. It means your firm’s permanent public record will reflect your home address and personal phone number. It is not advisable to do so because it stunts your business growth whenever a potential customer does a preliminary background check only to see that you are doing business from home and the phone number points out to a cellular phone.

2. Good for World Wide Web Records

The first step in marketing your corporation is to list it on major search engines and platforms such as Google, Bing, Facebook and Yelp. The similar issue here rises when you register for an enterprise, it must have a physical address. Google for an instance will check the validity of your address by snail mailing a code to the address you entered to their system. If the address is your home, Google will send the code to your home and the address confirmed in the world wide web of Google will be on your residence. When a prospect search it on Google Map, they will see your company is being run from a home.

3. Good for Financial Records

Not every commerce needs a loan, but let’s face it. Most big businesses solicited for venture capitalist to help them jumpstart the economic model that requires monetary power to have resources available to them. Financial institutions have to ensure the money they are lending will be returned with interests, good ROI or returned at all. The initial check will be the location. Where is this business located? A high rise building? Great. A home? Not very convincing. The secondary check involves calling your business phone. Who will pick up the phone? You or your receptionist? The preferred answer is obvious.

The first order of business is to have an office address

The Power of having a virtual office goes beyond than just an address. Having a business is not impossible but neither is it effortless. Your undivided attention in minutia details are not negligible. Be mindful in how to setup records with the government, internet and financial institutions. Virtual office services are very affordable. Some cost less than $1.99 per day which makes it worth every penny for your business.

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