USPS Form 1583 Instructions

You can download a copy of USPS Form 1583 here or assisted format here.  

1. Date

Example 2016 January 12


2. Name in which applicant’s mail will be received for delivery to agent

Your name or the name of your business. If an account will be used by multiple people, each person needs to complete a separate form 1583. If both spouses will be receiving mail, you may enter both of your names on the same form, but you will need to provide two forms of identification each for section 8.


3. Address to be used for delivery

(to be filled out by Office In America Co.)


4. Applicant authorizes delivery to and in care of

(to be filled out by Office In America Co.)


5. This authorization is extended to include restricted delivery mail for the undersigned(s)

To authorize restricted delivery mail, the post office requires your signature here, for both parties on the account. Restricted delivery mail is certified mail that states only the addressee may sign for it. Your signature allows us, as your agent, to sign for it. Signature(s) must be the same as in box 16.


6. Name of applicant

your legal name(s) as they appear in boxes 5 and 16.

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7. Applicant home address

Your home address and phone number. This must be a physical address, not a PO Box, and must be your actual place of residence. If your home address does not match the address on your two forms of identification provided for section 8, you will need to send proof of where you live, which could be a copy of a utility bill, bank statement, rental agreement, voter registration, etc. If you don’t know your Zip + 4, just enter your 5-digit zip code. If you live in a motor home or on a boat identify your place of residence by using the make, model, license plate number and state of registration of the motor home or boat.


8. Two types of identification

Examples of acceptable ID you may use:

  • valid driver’s license or state non-driver’s identification card 

  • armed forces, government, university or recognized corporate identification card 

  • valid passport, alien registration card or certificate of naturalization 

  • current lease, mortgage or Deed of Trust 

  • voter or vehicle registration card

  • a home or vehicle insurance policy 

ID considered NOT acceptable includes Social Security Number, gym membership, credit/debit/bank cards, and birth certificates.

Please remember to list the type of ID used for each form of identification. Each person listed in Box 2 (and Box 12 if applicable) must have two forms listed. You must send clear photocopies of all identification used showing the number and name.


Blocks 9 through 14 only need to be filled out if you will be receiving mail addressed to a business or a name other than your own.


9. Name of firm or corporation

If you operate a business that will be receiving mail at this address, enter the name. Even if your business is not a registered corporation, you can still enter a DBA (doing business as) name.


10. Business address

Your physical business address, which may or may not be the same as your home address. If you don’t know your Zip + 4, just enter your 5-digit zip code.


11. Type of business

The general industry or category your business most closely matches.


12. If applicant is a firm, name each member whose mail is to be delivered

If your business has multiple officers or employees who will be receiving mail at this address, or if it has multiple DBA (doing business as) names, enter them here. Employees do not need to fill out a separate form 1583.

For every extra business name or person name added to your account, $15.00 one time setup fee applies and $15.00 per month applies.


13. If a corporation, give names and addresses of its officers

If your business is officially registered with the state, you must gives the names, titles, and addresses of its officers.


14. If your business name has been registered, give name of county and state, and date of registration

Only fill this out if your business is officially registered with the state (corporations, partnerships, and LLCs) and not simply a DBA or sole proprietorship.


15. Signature of Agent/Notary Public

You must take this form to a notary public or Office In America Co. agent and sign it in front of them. They will sign this box after verifying your identity. Notary publics can usually be found in banks, accountant, law or at larger post offices. Please note that this field IS NOT optional – according to USPS regulations, forms will not be accepted without a notary or agent signature.


Notary places: Wells Fargo (free of charge), Chase Bank (free if you are customer), major banks, accounting offices and online option at


Wait for notary or Office In America Co. agent to fill out box 15 before completing box 16.


16. Signature of applicant

Your signature in front of the notary or agent.



Important note: you mail activation depends on the completion of this USPS 1583 form.