3 Very Important Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Office

Updated: May 29, 2018

I can’t help it whenever somebody says “I work from my house.” It is not about your freedom of choice, but it is for your own good.

Let me explain by providing these three most important reasons why virtual office is mandatory for your business.

1. Privacy for you

When I first started my consulting business, people used to ask where my office was. Since many of the people I met were in the manufacturing facilities or engineering firms, I needed to only say “Houston”. They demonstrated a sigh of relief and continued on with our conversation. However, there were those who persisted and asked an actual address. I did not know why they needed my address, but then someone turned their laptop around and asked “is this your office?” It was a Google Map showing my front yard and garage door. What an embarrassment! Now, come to think of it, my wife and children live there. What if there were random strangers trying to break in while I was gone out of town?

Mistakes start happening once you have money - John Daymon

Why you need a virtual office. Googled home address.

2. Low expenses for you

John Daymon of FUBU said this wisdom in his Shark Tank show, “Mistakes start happening once you have money.” He went on to explain that when people have money, they start spending the money for something that could be done inexpensively. Business owners tend to spend money much easier and with much less consideration if the money exists. The term cutting-cost does not come around unless a company or business in general is in crisis. Why not cut cost while business is good? Because there are some money to be spent. If you have a need of place to do business, but you are busy being outside the office anyway, use a virtual office service. It comes with an office manager that handles your walk-ins, calls, faxes and mails. Never worry about employee benefits, insurance, security and utilities. All for a fraction of the cost.

History has proven many dishonest vendors and suppliers ran away with a large down payment or worse yet, the entire payment of a big order.

3. Assured customers for you

I always consider great entrepreneurs as people with high level of diligence. Business owners seek the best options in everything they do: planning, buying, spending and hiring. When they are about to spend their money on a new software for example, they will conduct research on everything about the IT company including its review, its age, its reputation and its location. Why is it so important to hire a firm with a location? History has proven many dishonest vendors and suppliers ran away with a large down payment or worse yet, the entire payment of a big order. Your prospects want to make sure if something goes wrong, you can be physically located. P.O. Box or mailbox services will not pass their qualification stage. Today’s white collar crimes are attacking small businesses like yours not just big corporations.

These are some reasons why considering a virtual office is a clever option for you, your potential customers and your business. Not only it is for your own safety, but your customer needs to see some confidence in your firm; they need to see a high rise building when they pull up a prestigious address on Google Map. Virtual offices give you excellent offers such as conference room, private executive suites, coworking space and business community to expand your network. Protect yourself, save your money and win that project you’ve been chasing.

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