4 Things Your Business Can Do Without

Business have various needs to be able to execute properly. It needs to have office, manager, accountant, janitor, furniture, technology, et cetera. You need to have certain things to be able to operate effectively. There are several things however your business can do without. These are the four items proven to be a disadvantage to have in a company portfolio. As a matter of fact, possessing these four items will dissipate your streaming revenue.

1. Excuse

Mechanics typically get underpaid by the shop that charges $85.00 per hour labor, and they usually get about less than half of that. Naturally, many mechanics have jobs on the side that they proudly call their own business. Consumers would rather pay less for their car maintenance and repair. They would rather pay $30.00 per hour labor if the job is done by the same capable mechanic anyway. Many technicians unfortunately do not have any previous business background. They do not have customer service experience. They do not know the intensity of owning a business. They usually fail where it matters. The part is hard to find. There is no money to buy parts in advance. The drive to client’s place it too far. The schedule is not to their liking. Excuses after excuses; many small business owners fail because their customers are tired of dealing with excuses.

2. Delay

Three hour late is not unusual waiting for a baby being born. Thirty minute late is a norm in air travel. Fifteen minute wait is expected in a doctors office. What if these particular times delays are happening in different businesses? Fifteen minute long before being greeted by an agent. Thirty minute wait before the appetizer comes out. Three hour late before a connecting flight start boarding. Delay might not mean anything to anyone unless they are in the receiving end. Be considerate. No one wants to wait more than they have too, otherwise, they can always go to your competitor even if their product is not better than yours.

3. Entitlement

Marketing is very easy when a company has established a name for themselves. McDonald’s, Chick-Fil-A, AT&T and Google are some companies that consumers are attracted to. How would you react if there is an issue with your phone bill and when you call AT&T to rectify, they say “well, that’s the new charge with your service. You’re lucky to get a cellphone contract with us.” Or, what if you lean over McDonald’s counter to complain that the fries are too salty, and they say “that’s the amount of salt we usually put on it.” We would probably make a promise to ourselves not to shop with them in the future. Do you know these large companies always apologize whenever they make a mistake? That is actually how they established their reputation over time. Without customer’s purchase, a business does not worth anything.

4. Old-fashion

Technology changes all the time. From the time where an answering machine became obsolete, to a time today where a file cabinet is replaced by a cloud server. Technology will always grow. It grows faster than anyone would like to keep up with, but it is inevitably growing exponentially. In the past, donkeys were the main transportation to deliver merchandise across town. In the past, post office carries an important mail from one place to the next. In the past, a photography takes one week to develop. Can you imagine where would these businesses be if they still use old technologies? Exactly! That is why they are no longer around. If today people use email to communicate, get with the program. If your demography communicates via Facebook Messenger, don’t you want to get business from them? If your prospects use an iPhone app that you have never used before, would you dispose the opportunity to conduct business with them? Prospects and customers will always choose to do a business with vendors that have common grounds.

These four items are not easily noticeable nor are they easily disposable. Some young entrepreneurs are not used to cater to a consumer or even nurture an existing one. Some new business owners do not realize the importance of having a servant attitude. Some might not expect to work more than eight hours per day. These are real issues that a business can never have in its DNA.

Customers spend their money to buy what they want and what they need and when they need it.

There should not be delay, entitlement or excuses when processing services or products, and staying behind fashion as a business will only guarantee a final nail to the coffin.

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