5 Key Ways to Maximize Your Mind

Updated: Dec 8, 2017

During our last Business Entrepreneur Networking Event, guest speaker Stephanie Barrow discussed how to maximize your mind, and learn 5 secrets to improve memory, sharpen focus, and conquer stress. She is a certified acupuncturist and has been with WeMED wellness center for 12 years. She has a passion for health wellness and wanted to share her knowledge with other business owners.

She mentioned what can happen in the body naturally such as allergies. Allergies occur when exposed to pollen, food, genetic or environmental factors. Pay attention to symptoms, such as stress, diet, or even side effects from medicine. Check on your health as if you were to check on your car. It will get harder to heal, and more expensive, if you continue to ignore your problem.

She insist to sit up straight while sitting for large amount of time as it puts a lot of pressure on our back. After every meal walk for about 5-10 minutes for better circulation of the digestive system. You are what you eat, is an accurate statement as we eat junk food, it can makes us slower, causes weight gain, high blood pressure, diabetes, or even a heart attack. It is important to get proper nutrition as it will make us healthier, have more energy, and can add years to our life.

She mentions there are three types of negative stress, which are physical, chemical, and emotional. Physical Stress can be caused by poor posture, or poor mechanics when doing physical tasks. If you are overweight or not fit, your body has to work harder, just doing everyday tasks, so it is more stressed. Chemical Stress is added if you have poor nutrition or if you smoke, use alcohol or drugs.

Toxic chemicals in our food, water, air, personal care and cleaning products accumulate in our bodies and add more stress. Emotional Stress is caused when we judge any event negatively. Life can throw you curves. How you respond to it makes all the difference. It can cause depression or general unhappiness.

She discusses the 5 keys to boost your mind power First, Detox, which is an alternative medicine treatment to remove unspecified toxins and cleanse the body. Doing lots of exercise, and eating better food is building blocks for better health. Second key is to increase brain circulation with acupuncture which can cause 200% increase of greater vascular improvement. The Third key is to calm your mind for better brain performance.

Meditation can bring 10% greater happiness and deep breathing can bring 50% more focus. The fourth key is to fix your digestion with eating a high fiber diet, limit food that are high in fat, stay hydrated and stop bad habits such as smoking and drinking. The fifth and last key is to reduce Inflammation by eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, fish, and healthy oils

She explained the fast learning method which is forget all those times you haven’t and drop negative self-talk. Active learning- understand how to apply concepts for better learning. State of mind can make a big difference. Teach someone after you learn something to remember it better. 94% of all failures is due to not having a system. Tell me and I may remember, show me and I will remember and involve me so I can understand.