5 Moments of Power

Small Business Alliance Meetup Event had guest speaker Summer Brag, who is a human behavior expert. She has seen various law of attraction methods taught by gurus, teachers, leaders and students from all walks of life. She emphasizes the importance of changing bad habits to become more successful with a more fulfilling life.

According to Webster dictionary, “power is the ability to do something or act in a particular way”. Loss of personal power means having an act to do something but not going through with it or not doing something and still continue to act.

She briefly discussed the part conflict progress is when we change patterns but gradually go back into old ways such as weight loss regimen. For example, someone who loses 10 pounds, and gains the weight right back.

“A need is a physiological or psychological requirement for the well-being”. In life, everything we do is to fulfill a need. “Wants are goods or services that are not necessary but that we desire or wish for”. We find strategies and try to complete multiple set of needs simultaneously.

Summer discussed the 5 moments of power, which is awareness, understanding, intention, decision, and observation. Awareness is the most powerful moment because you can’t change something you’re not aware of. We would have more understanding of ourselves and know why we do what we do.

Understanding is to ask questions such as what to be as a person or what state am I in? When we do something a certain way it is because it is in our self-conscious and it becomes automatic in our daily lives. Our intention is law of attraction, how am I being in the world, or how I act a certain way to become a certain way. What are we trying to move towards and get away from?

Our decisions control our action we take. It is the smallest decisions which beats procrastination. We must observe without judgement with effects in the action we take while making decisions. Pay attention to the action and the outcomes. You will see the effects on ourselves and those around us as the cycles move back to awareness. We can adjust accordingly by going through the cycle.

Summer Brag discovered the key elements that decide everything about what your life is like right now, and what manifestation principles will work most effectively for you. Living a life with passion and purpose is intended for everyone, every day. It is how we should live our life, and manifesting what you want in your life is a learnable skill available to everyone.