Becoming A Recognized Authority In My Niche, Field or Industry

Updated: Feb 6, 2018

The event was sponsored by Office In America Co and hosted by Small Business Alliance. SBA is a business empowerment community dedicated to the cultivation of professional growth and development of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Our goal is not to just empower our online community, but also that of local, regional and even global entrepreneurs and small business owners who are aspiring to developing their business ideas into sustainable and profitable enterprises.

The meetup group had special speaker Tracy Allen Hanes who is the founder and CEO of The Authority Syndicate. He is a media and marketing strategist, and he explains how to become the recognized authority in your field, industry or niche.

He explains the microwave mindset, which most people have. It includes, instant gratification in the economy, instant availability and making a decision we want today.

Allen Hanes mentions as online media went up, our attention went down. Studies show the average person’s attention span was 12 seconds in 2000, and 8.25 seconds in 2015.

The first task most people do when they wake up is check there Facebook or other social media platforms.

We are in a social-driven world, and we all want acceptance by others. As we post pictures and information on our profiles, we are creating content for our business.

Your name is your business brand and being a business owner is not as important as being a marketer.

Being a marketer is being exposed to the world, able to expand your network and showing what you can do. People want to work with experts and buy from people who know what they are doing or selling. We choose what we want and who we buy it from.

Trust triggers our emotion and self-conscious to make decisions. We search on google about who people are and see why they are the best to choose from. Something different or unique can make you stand out while meeting potential prospects such as writing a book, being featured on an article, exposure from a well-known network or giving out a small gift.

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