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Breaking Through Your Fear

Updated: Sep 15, 2023


Fear, doubt, and worry – these are the formidable adversaries that often stand in the way of our dreams and aspirations. But what if we told you that there is a way to break through these barriers and unlock the full potential of your mind? Laura Cole, a certified Dream Builder Coach, and a successful entrepreneur, is here to guide you on this transformative journey.

Laura Cole is not just another motivational speaker; she is the driving force behind Inspirational Outcomes, a motivational consulting firm dedicated to helping individuals discover their passions and transform them into professions. Her mission is clear: to empower you with belief in yourself so that you can accomplish anything your heart desires.

In this article, we will delve into Laura's insights on eliminating fear, doubt, and worry, and moving confidently towards your goals. We will also explore her two essential keys for turning into your life's purpose, a 5-point test to determine if your dream is the right fit for you, and simple thinking strategies to protect yourself from fear, doubt, and worry.


Discovering Your Purpose

Laura Cole's teachings revolve around the profound understanding that your mind is your most powerful tool. She passionately believes that when you harness the potential of your mind and believe in yourself, there is no limit to what you can achieve. But before you can embark on your journey to success, you must first discover your purpose.

The first key Laura provides is the art of tuning into your purpose. She encourages individuals to reflect deeply on their passions, interests, and what truly drives them. By aligning your goals with your purpose, you can find the motivation and determination needed to overcome any obstacles that stand in your way.


Is Your Dream Right for You?

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes, but not every dream is the right fit for every individual. Laura Cole offers a 5-point test to help you determine whether your dream is the perfect match for you. This test is a powerful tool to ensure that your aspirations are in harmony with your values, talents, and passions.

By carefully assessing your dream against these five criteria, you can gain clarity and confidence in pursuing your goals. Laura emphasizes that when your dream aligns with your true self, the journey becomes more enjoyable, and success becomes not just a destination but a way of life.


Guarding Against Fear, Doubt, and Worry

Fear, doubt, and worry are the silent assassins of dreams. They creep into your mind and erode your self-belief, leaving you paralyzed and unable to move forward. Laura Cole provides simple yet effective thinking strategies to shield yourself from these destructive forces.

She teaches that a positive mindset is your greatest ally. By cultivating a habit of positive thinking, you can counteract the negative thoughts and beliefs that fuel fear and doubt. Laura's strategies are not just about dreaming; they are grounded in the science of psychology and the power of neuroplasticity. You could rewire your brain for success, and Laura is here to show you how.

Sustained Success: The Key Factor

Creating sustained success is the goal for anyone pursuing their dreams. However, many people experience a common pitfall that causes them to lose steam along the way. Laura Cole identifies this factor as the number one reason people fail to achieve their dreams.

So, what is this hidden enemy of success? It is the lack of motivation. Laura understands that motivation is not something that magically appears and stays with you forever. It is a dynamic force that needs to be nurtured and maintained.

In this article, Laura shares valuable insights on how to stay motivated even when faced with challenges and setbacks. Her strategies are not mere platitudes but practical steps you can take to override the wavering motivation that often accompanies the pursuit of long-term goals.


Dissolving Resistance to Prosperity

As you journey toward your dreams, you may encounter resistance – both internal and external. Laura Cole introduces a proven method for dissolving the internal resistance you may have to prosperity. This resistance can manifest as self-doubt, limiting beliefs, or a fear of success.

Laura's method is rooted in personal development techniques that have transformed countless lives. She provides actionable steps to reprogram your subconscious mind and align it with your desire for abundance and success. When you dissolve this internal resistance, you open the floodgates to higher levels of results and abundance.

The Critical Sacrifice for Success

Finally, Laura Cole reveals a critical sacrifice you must make to reach your dream. It is not about giving up your happiness or your values; it is about letting go of the baggage that holds you back. This sacrifice is about freeing yourself from the burdens of the past, limiting beliefs, and the self-imposed limitations.

Laura's message is clear: to achieve your dreams, you must be willing to shed the old skin and embrace the latest version of yourself. It is a transformative process that can be challenging, but the rewards are immeasurable. When you let go of what no longer serves you, you make space for new opportunities, growth, and the realization of your dreams.

In Laura Cole's transformative journey towards breaking through fear and achieving success, there are additional layers of wisdom that she imparts. She underscores the significance of perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity. Laura acknowledges that the path to success is rarely a smooth one; there will be obstacles, setbacks, and moments of self-doubt. However, she provides you with the tools to weather these storms.

Furthermore, Laura emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and personal growth. She encourages you to seek knowledge, surround yourself with positive influences, and embrace change as a catalyst for growth. In this ever-evolving world, adaptability, and the willingness to embrace new opportunities are key to staying on the path to success.

Laura Cole's guidance goes beyond conquering fear; it is about creating a mindset and a lifestyle that sustains your journey towards success. With her insights and strategies, you can not only break through your fears but also thrive in the pursuit of your dreams, making them a fulfilling reality.



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