How To Gain Income While Discovering Your Potential

Have you ever had an idea and didn’t follow through with it because you felt you didn’t have the proper funds available? Most of the time we are the ones who limit ourselves from the endless possibilities in life. Don’t doubt your own potential, always remember mind over matter.

Humans are wired to be naturally curious. I for example am one to read articles on Facebook and unapologetically continue clicking away, also known as click-bait. On some occasions it goes to the extent were I have to exit the app and reload the web-page but by this time I am so invested in the content I feel the need to see it through. This is the same layout for a lot of YouTube personalities or bloggers. When it comes to your presentation whether it be a podcast, blogging or any other type of platform the best thing is to keep it uncomplicated. Simplicity is key because your followers want to see you for you.

There are so many ways to gain income but sometimes you already have the income you just don’t know it yet. What some people do is change their lifestyle to a minimalist lifestyle. They start of by selling all of their belongings and keep only what is necessary. It does take some sacrifice and maybe letting go of some mementos but you have the potential to travel the world. Other ways to gain income is by getting paid for what you are already creating. You could always attain patrons from Patreon. There are so many forms of art and each day a new form is being created. Your crafts or art or talents may be special to someone and they want to be your patron. A patron will pay a certain amount to you to keep funding your creativeness. First thing is first you must know what your dream is, what is your why? Next step will be to set up your video source it could be a YouTube channel, blog, website a podcast or all of them combined. You then will set up your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts like that. Once you are finished with that you will set up a Patreon account and start earning revenue. Find your public and finally build your activities with quality work.

Once you have all of the above sorted out you want to focus on the details and that is staying in the loop of current technology such as smart phones, drones, video cameras, video editing software. These help not only provide better quality to your post but also faster to your followers. Learn how to use your equipment, be in the loop of all the features your device provides it could save you time and money. Another thing that will help you will be to know which terms to use when writing the title, hashtags or sentences of your post. Additionally a great source to use is Google Trends and AdWords Keyword Planner.

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