The Art of Networking, How To Increase Your Return On Your Investment

Small Business Alliance Meetup Event group with guest speaker Kali Cole who is a sales strategist with more than 15 years’ experience. She has conducted many workshops for marketing campaigns to inspire and motivate consumers to buy products and services.

Networking is the exchange of information or services, from among individuals, groups or institutions. She explains the networking secret sauce, which is follow up in 24-48 hours with email or a phone call, schedule a meeting, include a picture of yourself when sending an email to help be remembered, and include discussed conversation to aid recall.

Increasing your network to increase your net worth by knowing the right people and opening doors. Although you may lose a lot of people doing everything for your business, you will gain more associates who share a common interest.

Kali Cole mentions to meet clients face to face and being on a personal level. Customers want to buy from people they trust. While meeting individuals, look the part by dressing accordingly, and be professional to make them invest in you. Build mutually beneficial relationship then sale your product or service. Give back by helping in any shape or form and be in service.

She also mentions having a great Elevator speech. Rehearse until it becomes second nature with 15-20 seconds of important information about yourself to make them interested in you and show what you have to offer.

Kali has developed a process called the TEAM protocol. Training sales training to business owners, exponential growth of marketing, acquisition of staff to growth, and management action. She helps business owners monetize their skill set to achieve success.

Four things people love to talk about are family, occupation, recreation, and enjoyment.

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