Why Is It Important to Do Business with the Right Virtual Office – Part 1

Updated: May 29, 2018

The term “virtual office” has been used and translated in many ways. Some ways are good. Some ways are bad. Our company is a true physical office which does many things to cater to real consumers. That includes receiving mail, packages, legal documents and even payments. This week, the highlight of our customer service is legitimacy. A person comes in trying to make a payment that is not our customer. We refuse to take the money order saying that the company is not here. A second person comes for the same purpose. We politely decline again and turn them around. This incident repeats until about ten times on the same day. Some of these people come back with the company’s owner on the phone saying that he has a receipt to our virtual office service. We respond by saying that having a receipt of when you sign up for our service is not the same as having your service application completed and activated. Our intention is not to put red tapes and obstacles to anyone, but we only conduct business legitimately. As a virtual office, it is imperative to know who our customers are and who we are representing. This filtration is to avoid scam artists from prowling on hard working civilians to take their money and run away.

I have been a victim of scams myself. It is imperative to do due diligence who you are doing business with. Check their history. Check their customer reviews. Check if they are even a registered company with the state. It is not very difficult to take people’s money are run. The most common fraud are doing business with website designers, swimming pool contractors and online marketers just to name a few. Office In America Co. is an accountable company. We take pride in what we do and how we serve the public. If an organization cannot simply prove their legitimacy when required by law, we have to respectfully decline their application to be our virtual office customer.


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We offer everything a business would ever need:

  • Live receptionist

  • Physical office

  • Corporate address

  • Dedicated phone, fax and teleconference numbers

  • Mail Handling: receipt, notification, scanning and shredding

  • Meeting rooms

  • High speed 150 Mbps WiFi

  • many more