Why Is It Important to Do Business with The Right Virtual Office – Part 2

Virtual Office is a very resourceful tool for any entrepreneurs of all sizes. Whether you own a million-dollar company and want to expand or just a company that just started last month, virtual office is a clever option with flexibility, convenience and inexpensiveness. Is that always true?

Always work with a company that is customer obsessed.

1. Helpful

Work with a virtual office that always thinks about you. The one that caters to you as their most valuable possession. The one that turns on the light in the morning thinking about you. The one that turns off the light at night and cannot wait to do the best for you the next day. If you are spending money for your business, make sure the virtual office is not a money pit that charges for everything, but rather a place that believe in your mission as an entrepreneur.

2. Flexible

Another benefit of getting a virtual office is the freedom of long term commitment of contracting your own office. If you need to commit for three, four or five years, you are not engaging with a virtual office. You are technically renting the place with a mediator added. It means you are paying more than if you were directly getting an actual office. Find a virtual office that can take you in with as little as a monthly commitment. i.e. the one-month price should not be tremendously different than the proportion of the yearly rate.

3. Economical

Shop around. Look at their prices. Compare them. Peruse them. If the price of a virtual office is as high as renting your own, then the point of having one defeats the purpose. Consider the initial purpose and the goal of a virtual office. What do you need it for? Business address? Dedicated phone line? Mail handling? Reception service? The look of the building? The availability of the meeting spaces? Which one do you really need? How much is it suppose to cost? How much does it worth to you? Never overspend money on overhead.

4. Convenient

Lastly, once all factors are considered, how convenient is the virtual office that you have shortlisted? Here are some points to possess in a virtual office according to your needs:

  • Location must be an easy access to you and your guests

  • Mail handling shall be full service with notification, snapshots and mail-to-email options

  • Live receptionist available to answer calls on your company’s behalf and greet your walk-in clients

  • Facility should have meeting spaces, private offices and coworking space for everything you might need

  • Parking should be easy to find, nearly located and free of charge

  • Phone voicemail and fax messages can be converted and emailed to you

When Office In America Co. started, it only have some few basic services to offer. As we pass each day, we think of what a business owner would need as a full-serviced-office user. We think of the quality of our amenities. We add expansive options for solopreneurs to choose from. As a bottom line, we believe that in order to become a true virtual office, the price must be of virtual value as well. Price, quality and service are forever the pinnacle of everything we do because we focus on you. We are obsessed in serving you. We make that our mission everyday.


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