Your Office Christmas Party

Updated: Dec 13, 2017

Your Office Christmas Party, was provided by Office In America with hosts Small Business Alliance, and The Authority Syndicate. The event turned out great, despite the weather condition. About forty people came together to have a good time and network.

The party was for everyone. It was for entrepreneurs, colleagues, family, and friends to enjoy. Food, drinks, music, laughter and networking was what this celebration was all about. The event was free, but you had to RSVP on Office In America Facebook event page.

We accepted donations of door prizes, libations and food for guests were welcome. The Committed Door Prize Sponsors were Shahara Wright of The CEO Effect, LLC, Christi Ruiz of Christi's Portals, Tracy Allen Hayes of the Authority Syndicate, Haylon Hargrove of Small Business Alliance and Ted Liman of Office In America.

Prizes were valued of more than $10,000, which were comprised of business coaching with some of the best coaches in the nation by Tracy. Allen Hayes, 2 membership subscriptions to Small Business Alliance where you will have full access to its workshops, resources on how to grow your business, and joining the SBA community of like-minded professionals. Other prizes were 1 day pass to an executive office, 1 day pass to the Glass Room, and 1 day pass to Multipurpose room in Office In America.

Office In America will give you the best price with the best service. We offer price match guarantees for any other competitors offer regarding virtual offices. We not only help small business owners start the business with a corporate identity, or P.O box. We help you welcome your clients with hospitality while building your name brand and with access of the beautiful conference rooms they deserve.

We want to say thank you for the people who came out and supported the event. Office In America appreciates you. Whether you are a business owner or individual, we only want to see you succeed.

To see the entire album of all the photos taken during this party, go to