Office In America Weekly Workshops

Every Wednesday morning at 9:00AM we have host and speaker Mariana Cortez from The Language of Connection, This week she discussed, “How to Try out People for Your Business Team”

The feedback shared was based on "The Language of Connection" online course which Mariana Cortez developed. It's a review of her 10 year coaching career where she has seen people can keep their momentum and their power: She studied in Europe at Sage University this method of communication which is called "The Sage Method".

She mentions, when we grow up, we have a program in which we have to make it and become independent. No-one teaches us but we have to let ourselves be helped. We know deep down what are passions are but most are not brave enough to live there passions. Unexpected events happen and we have to pay the bills.

Today, people have more opinions and criticism than advice or feedback. This is what Mariana describes as fighting which creates drama. We need to go out of our comfort zone and share our feedback and perspectives with others. We need to learn how to acknowledge each other.

When we were born, we loved and played with everything. As we get older, we start working and fighting. Everyone has a point to make which creates tension.

While communicating, look at body language. While someone lights up on certain topic, ask them more about it so you can have a better understanding of what they are like and It will also make the conversation become more magnetic.

Wednesday afternoon at 11:00AM, guest speaker Traci Hanes from The Authority Syndicate, will covering a series of “Creating Your Authority: THE AUTHORITY CODE”

T. Allen Hanes, is one of Houston's top media and marketing specialist and CEO of The Authority Syndicate Group, is no stranger to entrepreneurialism and the struggles that comes along with small business ownership.

He discussed building a train track and making sure people are running to get on the track. The goal is to run the route. Business owners think about being tactical when they should begin being strategic. What does the route look like for you? Everyone has a different route. How do we get people on our train?

This is the greatest time to be in business. How to emerge our competition in the marketplace. While being a business owner, you have to think, why would someone pick us over all the competition? What makes us stand out? Are they buying our product or are they buying us?

The Authority code is something the top people in the industry do that separates them from others. Authority marketing has 9-12 strategies to make you stand out from the market. This series is designed to teach you how to use available platforms to create your authority and become the recognized leader in your niche!

The events is proudly sponsored by Office In America Co.

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All were discussed during the presentation. Feel free to join the next event, which is on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month. Important topics will be presented with new guest speakers. We host workshops every week to empower the business owner community. To learn more, visit: