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5 Things to Know Before Buying Microsoft 365

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

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Unlock Your Productivity Potential: A Guide to Microsoft 365's Essential Considerations

Microsoft 365 is a widely recognized and favored suite of productivity tools designed to cater to the needs of businesses and individuals alike. It offers an extensive array of applications and services, making it a comprehensive solution for various tasks and workflows. In this blog post, we will delve deeper into the functionalities of Microsoft 365 and explore some essential considerations to have a smoother experience while purchasing and using this suite.

1. Paying monthly vs. yearly:

When contemplating the pricing options for Microsoft 365, it is imperative to weigh the pros and cons of paying on a monthly or yearly basis. Opting for a monthly payment plan might seem more convenient, as it requires a lesser upfront investment. However, it's essential to note that paying month-to-month can eventually become more expensive in the long run. Conversely, choosing a yearly subscription can save you money as it often comes with cost-effective discounts. Keep in mind that committing to a yearly plan means you are obligated to pay for the entire 12-month period and may not cancel or stop payments before the term expires.

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Key Considerations for Microsoft 365 Subscriptions

2. Custom domain and username:

One critical aspect of Microsoft 365 is its approach to custom domain and username assignments. If you entrust your domain management to an IT company and lack access to the domain provider's username and password, Microsoft will allocate a custom domain for you, such as "" This custom domain becomes your permanent username within the Microsoft 365 environment. Understanding this is vital, especially if you intended to utilize your own domain name for professional purposes.

3. Customer service challenges:

While Microsoft 365 is undoubtedly a robust suite of tools, some users have reported certain challenges with the customer service offered by Microsoft. Being aware of these issues can help you navigate and manage your expectations effectively:

a. Poor listening skills:

Occasionally, some customer service representatives may not demonstrate attentive listening, leading to misunderstandings or incomplete resolutions of your queries.

b. Excessive talking:

There have been instances where customer service agents engage in lengthy conversations that might not efficiently address your concerns. This behavior could be attributed to various reasons, including internal performance metrics or job stability.

c. Delayed problem resolution:

Due to the complexity of certain issues, Microsoft's support team might not always be able to provide immediate solutions. This could result in frustrating delays in resolving critical problems.

d. Assigned agent:

Once you establish communication with a customer service agent, you may be consistently connected with the same agent throughout the support process. While this continuity can be beneficial for some, it could lead to prolonged support times in specific cases.

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The Customer Service Experience: Unveiling Common Challenges

e. Time zone and language barriers:

Microsoft's support agents are located in various regions globally, which may result in time zone differences and language barriers. This can sometimes make scheduling and effective communication a bit challenging.

f. Prematurely ending conversations:

In some instances, customer service agents may conclude discussions after a certain time frame, promising follow-up communication instead of providing immediate resolution. This approach might not always be suitable for urgent matters.

g. Call-back timing:

Microsoft's call-back service may not always consider the urgency of your situation, leading to callbacks at times that might be inconvenient for you.

h. Lengthy resolution times:

Certain complex cases may require more extended periods to resolve fully, sometimes taking several weeks before a satisfactory solution is reached.

4. Microsoft's understanding of urgency:

Understanding how Microsoft perceives and handles urgency is crucial for efficiently managing your Microsoft 365 account. For instance, suppose you wish to add users to your Microsoft 365 account using your domain name. In that case, Microsoft may require each user to be added through their system, resulting in an additional monthly charge per user. This could be an inconvenience if you have specific requirements or need to prioritize certain users' access.

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Priorities & Email Integration: Microsoft 365 Insights

5. Impact on existing email accounts:

Integrating Microsoft 365 with an existing domain that already has multiple email addresses associated with it can lead to disruptions in your operations. When you connect your domain to a Microsoft 365 account (tenant), Microsoft assumes control over all email accounts linked to that domain. However, there might be instances where Microsoft fails to create these email accounts, leading to issues such as the inability to receive incoming emails, causing senders to receive rejection notices.

6. Best practices:

To ensure a seamless experience with Microsoft 365, consider adopting the following best practices:

a. Starting from nothing (Buying Microsoft 365):

Whenever possible, set up your Microsoft 365 account from the beginning instead of attempting to integrate an existing domain with multiple email addresses. This ensures a smoother transition and reduces the chances of disruptions.

b. Purchase your own domain:

Buying your domain from a reputable provider grants you full control over the login credentials and password associated with it. This autonomy empowers you to manage your domain settings more effectively.

c. Connect your domain to Microsoft 365:

Once you possess your domain, integrating it with Microsoft 365 can be a straightforward process. Microsoft offers comprehensive documentation and guides to help you with this integration.

d. Create additional email addresses:

After successfully connecting your domain, you can proceed to create additional email addresses as needed. This allows you to manage user accounts efficiently and tailor your Microsoft 365 experience to your unique requirements.

Buying Microsoft 365 remains a powerful suite of productivity tools that continues to empower businesses and individuals worldwide. Despite some potential challenges with customer service and integration, being aware of these considerations can help you navigate the Microsoft 365 landscape more effectively. Implementing best practices, such as starting from scratch and purchasing your domain, will ensure a smoother and more personalized experience. Additionally, consider seeking assistance from experienced IT companies if you encounter difficulties during the setup or usage of Microsoft 365. Remember that with the right approach, Microsoft 365 can be a game-changer for your productivity and collaboration needs. Should you need any guidance or support, feel free to reach out to us, and we will be happy to share our experiences and knowledge to assist you on your journey with Microsoft 365.


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